Beyond boxes and cages

I wrote this poem last year and thought I’d repost it. I’d also like to dedicate it to Marie, one of my blogger friends, on her birthday which she celebrates today. Have a wonderful birthday Marie. ❤️

Little girl take care

Don’t let the world tie you down

Shove you in a box

You were born with wings

Spread them out– take to the sky

You were born to fly

Step out of the box

That will confine how you think–

Limit your worldview

Beware of the cage

That barricades your thoughts with bars

Of doubts and fears

Find the pearls within

Shake off the grey shells of doom

You were born to bloom

Hoist out of your own petard…


16 thoughts on “Beyond boxes and cages

    1. Thank you again Kunal. I’ve been listening to the Diwali crackers and been reminded of you. But hey, the shops are full of Christmas goodies and there we go again!😀 Still, I hope you had a good time and remembered the original intent.

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