Love Beach

satin-silk ripples caressing my  skin

calm, lingering, lapping, lacing the shore

wide open stretches for you and me

time….take all the time you need

no rush, no push.

it’s different back home

where waves are impatient,

rising, falling, shoving, tumbling

turbulent, roughly-demanding waves

 keep coming! keep coming!

but on Love’s Beach there’s time

for play, languidly,longingly

there, there, keep it right there.

one more lap – one last lap!

15 thoughts on “Love Beach

      1. Yes, I was lucky to be in Cancun, though work related 🙂 I guess I must label with my name. It is a clear contrast from the violence of our oceans which are good for surfers and if you don’t mind riding or being knocked down by a wave,

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