Love’s desolation

A pale moon guards the deserted house jealously.

Snowflakes scatter amongst shadows of skeletal trees,

padding the dim silence of shuttered windows and bolted doors.

Behind the walls, under a solitary desk lamp, tendrils of cigar smoke

curl towards the ceiling from a silhouette behind the desk.

Words fail him again.

Remnants of hidden love lie

Crumpled in the bin.

6 thoughts on “Love’s desolation

  1. Oh, Chevvy… Here I am… in my attempt to catch up on my reading of your wonderful words and I find myself lingering for far too long in “… Remnants of hidden love lie Crumpled in the bin.” Such beautiful reminiscence… I have often seen the silhouette behind the desk… the shadow beyond the lamplight… the aroma of cigar smoke drifting across the room… Thank you for reminding me to dwell within the silence and hear their whispers…
    Hope your evening is filled with beautiful moments…

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    1. Hi Michael, it is such a pleasure to to discover that you have spent sometime in my studio, I value your appreciation of my work since I hold you in great esteem as an artist. I guess over time you’ll note evolutions in my work as I journey into my own self discovery as a soul an artist. Ha! ha! – I love the way you pick up on the imagery here:-) It’s lovely to have you back and hope you smile when you read my message. Best. Chevvy

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