All this time

All this time

I’ve been caught in a stupor.

How could I forget

Memories we made together?

So many reminders

All this time,

Wherever I go

Still reflected in my heart.

You should know

Since you placed them there,

All this time

Carefully tended with your love.

When you call my name

It  all comes flooding back.

I thought I was over you

All this time.

9 thoughts on “All this time

  1. Chevvy,
    I am utterly amazed by the fact that a song inspired you to write such a magnificent piece. God has blessed you with a wondrous talent.

    I am going to keep this one with me and I will say to myself –and anybody else who’ll listen— that I linked a beautiful poet to a source of inspiration.

    I hope you don’t mind!

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    1. Gwin, my dear – I don’t mind at all and you are welcome to show it off. It’s simple but very meaningful to me and goes very much with the Rachelle Ferrel song. You’ll see how I’ve moved that line through the poem for emphasis. So glad you like it:-)

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    1. Hello Joan, glad to catch you when I’m still awake. Thank you.You’ll remember I tried out this technique with one of my challenge poems. The photograph is one I took of the Glasshouse hotel in Scotland – perfect for my poem.It kinda all came together in about half an hour of deciding to write it – I guess that’s what’s meant by creative juices:-) Enjoy the reminder of your evening. Best. Chev

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      1. That’s the Muse… when she speaks, you simply take dictation!
        I found this in a folder from on day 1 of the poets billow challenge: write a poem about thunderstorms without using these words: rain, thunder, lightning.


        Clouds shudder
        as the chill morning air
        calls cadence:
        eyes wild and flashing,
        voice booming,
        merciless drill sergeant

        goads them on:
        Left, left, left–right–left!
        Steely-gray resolve
        shaking, nearly breaking
        under the burden
        of their liquid ammo.

        Advance halted
        as target spotted, locked
        and on his order
        fat wet bombs plummet
        from the heavens
        onto my just-washed car.

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