Under a full moon

ethereal light–

your distance tonight

rides the back of Winter’s chill

yet in your fullness

is the womb’s promise–

deliverance of a beating pulse

why then this feeling?

this desolation and doom–

weighing heavily in the dark

as you rise in the heavens–

spread your nurturing warmth

to those whom you have given birth

swaddle them gently–

nurse them with your loving care

and as you lay them down to sleep

dispose of their wasted fears…

13 thoughts on “Under a full moon

      1. I love moon lore! Remember, I am a sky girl!
        When I was an undergrad I took several Women’s studies courses which led me to study the connection between the our dear luna and feminine energy. I loved that stuff!

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  1. Love it, moon as mother, esp last line. The full moon coming on the 20th is nicknamed the Strawberry Moon here in the USA. Strawberry season is upon us while you guys head into the dead of winter in SA. 🙂

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    1. Yes, Mother Moon indeed. We have another full moon today and I must say that it’s a lot brighter and more gold than yesterday’s silver so happier me 😀 Hope you are happier too Joan and enjoy the rest of your day my friend!

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