9 thoughts on “A hangover

  1. I came across a new term some time ago and it’s very apt for the state of the world today – VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.
    The only way ahead is when hearts and minds meet, but alas, that will take some time to sink in 😦

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    1. Yes, I think VUCA describes it well. I suppose many of the election results we’re seeing across the world are indicating a lack of trust, the national/globalisation divides and maybe at the route of it all – FEAR. We are all going to need greater capability to be resilient and deal with complexity – moreso the younger generation. I wonder if they are up for it.

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      1. We were talking to our daughter the other day and telling her that the next election (2019) would be her first and that she’d better be up to speed on the goings on in our country to make a sound decision.

        Do you also have a NOTA (none of the above) option when you vote?

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      2. A “None of the above” ha!ha!ha! – no we don’t – I would love to see how that would work. We also have elections in 2019 but our Municipal elections earlier this year led to many coalitions having to be formed which makes governance very tenuous so I can only imagine how tenuous it might be in the UK. On the other hand it also means that politicians shouldn’t take voters for granted.

        Our futures rest on the decisions and capacity of our children so I agree that they need to be engaged and educated about this responsibility that will weigh on them.

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      3. Coalitions diminish the scope for taking tough decisions. But, as we see here, a strong majority means that the guy in power pretty much can muscle through whatever he wants. It’s a no-win at times!

        I used the NOTA option for a local election – they were all goons. Didn’t help, though!

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    1. I wonder if we’ll reach that place of authencity anytime soon – things are getting more complex everywhere. Still, there are many who have gone before us who have shown that each one of us can make a difference. In the political sphere, every seat counts!


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