Take Fill

Take fill of my wisdom, my dear

Hours and years of learning trials

Life’s true lessons, time’s healing

Joyful pains and seasonal rains,

Fill up your cup

Take fill of my happiness, my dear

It’s not happiness if I can’t share it

Captured in soul trinkets and bling

Minuets of song and dance routine

Fill up your treasure chest

Take fill of my Music, my dear

Versatile abundance for your delight

Violin’s Seductive haunting heights

Wild heartbeats of a warrior’s drum

Fill up your instrument

Take fill of my love, my dear

Its trembling tenderness and warmth

And its soft-sweet, soulful caress

Melt in passion’s burning fires with me

Fill up your chalice

Then my dear, take fill of a walk with me

Let’s gaze up as our spirits are set free

3 thoughts on “Take Fill

    1. I love the play on words that poetry allows you. I think that for poetry to be appreciated every reader should take away something that resonates with them. For me that is what ART means. But we also need to remember that Art is not truth although the poet is in there somewhere:-)

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