15 thoughts on “Love Rain

      1. Thank you and I’m happy for you to appreciate the poem in all its meaning as a poet should. Apologies for the overloading, I’m still transferring from my previous end. Goodnight from the Southern Suns:-)

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    1. Well, I take that as a huge compliment. Words are magic and poets are fanciful I have realised. My daytime work is very cerebral and this affords me good creative outlet so I have to mezmerize myself too. 🙂

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  1. If you were indeed simply reflecting on getting caught in the rain… this is a very beautiful poem… But you must remember that poems are often perceived by the reader to mean something far different than what was intended… So I shall linger in my thoughts of the most beautiful of sensuality that I found in your writing and I thank you for the inspiration…

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    1. Hi Michael. I’m pleased that you finally came to my studio and made yourself at home. I think you’ll find in many of poems undertones of sensuality and/or spirituality. I write for my own fun but also with a view that my poetry should talk to people in it’s own way. My disclaimer is that I have a mischievous side so this and other poems have a number of faces. Glad you enjoyed both:-)

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