Walking down the other side

shadows in dark

I’ve walked down the other side

with you,

seen the ghosts that haunt your mind.

You’ve walked down the other side

with me,

holding the mirror to the deep of my soul.

You took me places that no one else

had seen – you took me

places that I had never been.

We soon realised that it wasn’t safe

to be on the other side

Too much exposure and then it was suddenly over.

Once we returned we had to atone

for the pleasures of our sins,

and for letting our emotions creep  in.

Was it illusion or a taste of confusion I ask ?

When I reflect

I know that it’s a journey we both had to take.

So starting once again on a fresh slate,

the illusions turned into dreams,

the ones that move through your sleep.

But it’s clear to me that when the light

shines through my window,

Reality’s feet walk in,

filled with giggles and smiles.

But where would we be without dreams?

Surely a world filled with static

if dreams never saw the light of day,

if  children were never allowed to play?

But I do know it to be righteously so

that there are some dreams we must let go.

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