Love is the word

In a dream you came to me

whispering that word

the resonance that found us

when it was just you and I

The word that bound us

across  oceans and sky

in that place where you waited

time ticking, endlessly

Until I opened my window

saw your footprints in the sand

the smile you’d left me to find

with that word that belongs to you

The dream still lingers in my wake

in the last message you crafted

contrasting the shadow and light

cupid’s arrow, threw my heart

I’m hoping to see beyond my tears

when love brings you back to me.

It’s all in that word that means: the

same thing is happening to you and me.


Together like an echo

I hear the reverberation

See the reflection

Smell the fragrance

trailing my own scent

I know you feel it

Just as I do

The loving thoughts

I have of you

Together we dance

Among each other’s words

Completing the sentence

Which we’ve been given

By time and memory

Handcuffed by dreams

Tricks of imagination

That keep the fire burning

Of our endless yearning

Together we long

For the elusive

The unattainable

Turning back of the clock

Rewinding the years

To a time and place

Where age was no concern

Obligations feather–dusted

Into another room

Together we draw

What we can with what we have

Sometimes it’s in the art

Sometimes in conclusions

Man of my dreams


you take control of my mind

you turn the valve,

tamper with feelings

I did not not know that I had.

You have broken in.

Left vulnerable–

Stripped naked in a cage,

you know my secrets,

which doors to unlock.

You sledge-hammer my walls,

releasing my fears.

With nimble fingers,

you untangle many ropes

that held me captive–

leaving me breathless.

I want you to stay with me.

Please show me the key

so I can set myself free

Looking into the distance…

we stare into the interminable distance

wishing we could divine its existence

what waits for us on the other side–

is it a land filled with unequivocal promise

or will we remain in Nostalgia’s guileless grasp,

longing for  diamond memories of the past?

will we ever see the rise of the golden sun,

will he who stands beside us still be the one?

the wind is a temptress with liquid eyes

when she breezes or dampens our dreams

the light you once knew– may now play its trick.

in this age without prophets, how shall we know

save to feel the warmth of our heart’s afterglow?

look for signs in the eyes of another’s to show

before we reach to the sky, let’s ask ourselves why–

what is that purpose that will drive our reason?

let this be the guide to hold true  in the season.

but in  this minute, this hour, this moment–

treasure it unconditionally, let’s try not to lose it!

 It still stands waiting for us…

Boxes and cages

Little girl take care

Don’t let the world tie you down

Shelve you in a box

Throw open those doors

Wake up from those vivid dreams

Make them come alive

You were born with wings

Spread them out- take to the sky

You were born to fly

Step out of the box

That will confine how you think–

Limit your world view

Beware of the cage

That barricades your thoughts with bars

Of doubts and fears

Find the pearls within

Shake off the grey shells of doom

You were born to bloom

Hoist out of your own petard

Shall we…?

What shall we be

if not each other’s keeper

when night becomes the grim-reaper

What shall we do

if we can’t salt the earth

and our flint can’t  fire give  birth

What shall we say

of he who had vision but could not see

she who had time but was never free

What shall we offer

to a child who cries for his  mother

when his hunger fuels hate for another

What will we find

when we peer to  depths of our soul

will it be  a mound or a big gaping hole

What shall I tell you

my dear friend – that your heart is on the mend

if we take hands  and give shoulders to lend

Seize this moment to choose a side

will you stand up or seek a place to hide?

When my mind wonders

          This is a poem within a  poem. Read carefully to find two very different poems which combine to form a third.

When I am in doubt

You give me a reason

To linger a while longer

To feel alive again

My mind starts to wonder

When you call my name

I wonder how life would be

My heart skips several beats

To start again,totally free

Locked in complete ecstasy

Discovering the other side of me

I feel a fire that flames

Then I awake to the reality

Still consumed in your warm glow

The darkness slowly descends

How I long for you not to go

Then the Dawn comes too soon

How I wished to dream longer!

Day 29 Poet’s Billow Challenge:Stairway to the light

The challenge for yesterday, 29th April only arrived this evening. This challenge asks that we give an account of a dream in our poem. I’m a great believer in dreams and the symbolism and messages they offer. I’ve had recurring dreams over the years about climbing up staircases and they’ve been dreams filled with menace and struggle. This poem captures the essence of a dream I had about two weeks ago. Enjoy!

How agile I felt!

Moving swiftly up the stairs,

silver, polished-

gleaming brightly, good as new-

to another floor.

Yet another still,

until the bright rooftop light

beamed on the floor,

spirits lifted, roaming free-

so unlike before.

No grim steel incline,

daunting and breathlessly steep,

no longer afraid-

looking up at distant hope,

a smile lit my face.

Then right before me,

She appeared! we both cringed…

almost took flight!

Choice imposed her will on us

fear dissipated…

A stranger appeared,

lavishly smiling at me.

Then I heard him say:

Move on, do not be afraid!

What relief I found-

In those words he said to me…

For you


No pretty gift box from me

Left under your glittering tree

No Yule tide message exchanged


It’s a gift that none but you will see

Can’t smell it or touch it, and it is free

No shops keep it stocked on their shelves


You’ll feel its shiny wrapping

And you’ll hear its beat tapping

If you listen with your heart.


You’ll smile when you find it

And taste of its flavors sweet

Each time you slip into your dream


For you, I share my imagination

To fill your mind with inspiration

And warm your heart with peace


For you, I’ve made a pledge

To walk with you until the edge

Where your soul finds its freedom


This gift will forever be priceless

When we behold eternal brightness