7 thoughts on “A gift

    1. Thanks Joan. I thought this picture was appropriate for my poem. I took it at this beautiful shop in Austria which sells Easter and Christmas decorations throughout the year. Yes, I believe that each day offers us an opportunity to do/be something new, we just don’t all see it 🙂


      1. You are wise beyond your years, Chevvy. A few years ago, I met a woman in her 80’s who had “reinvented herself” many times… she was a nun who served as an elementary school teacher and principal, then retired from both and got married. When her husband passed away, she drew up blueprints and had her dream B&B constructed in upstate NY. She runs it, almost singlehandedly, to this day. She is the hostess with the mostest and an amazing cook. She has traveled widely in the off-season. She has also written and illustrated two books, a memoir about her days in the convent and a children’s book. She’s an inspiration, and one of the few friends who encouraged me to write! Blessed are those who encourage; their words are an oasis for artistic talents dying of thirst.

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      2. What a lovely comment Joan and a lovely story too. I’ve been lucky to have met a wide variety of people similar to the lady you mention. One of them was on a plane home from Atlanta who left an impression on me and shared lessons that I needed to learn at the time. Even my trip to Austria was linked to a chance meeting in Switzerland over three ago with someone I now call my soul sister three years later. She is a very important person in my life.
        Yes, I think life is for living and we must grab it with both hands for it may never come our way again.
        I have not written anything formally yet other than what I write on my blog but I know there is a book or two waiting for me to write. I’m glad to have met you:-)

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    1. I’ve come to appreciate that all the more since I started blogging – realising that so many people live with all kinds of life threatening challenges. But I also think we’d practice more gratitude if we saw each day as a bonus:-)

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