Things fall apart

Mayhem sweeps through the earth,

indiscriminately blowing ill winds,

trashing  crowded places,

leaving rubble in his wake

as the streets begin to tremble,

rumble as buildings tumble.

His menacing hoarse whispers

heard everywhere,

by all trapped in corners of fear,

as another dark cloud descends,

raining new rivers of blood

from dark crimson skies.

The rats ravage among the waste,

a child cries forlorn,

as nerves turn to steel

from the replay and repeat,

the distance of the blast

or just impotence with no hope.

Hands thrown in the air!

Why should we care?

Still he winds through busy streets,

He breathes into the air.

He holds his own compass

and sometimes runs on autopilot.

Those who have seen him

tell of a merciless face,

sometimes a hooded neighbor

whom you thought you knew,

now dressed in disguise,

a murderer before your eyes.

10 thoughts on “Things fall apart

  1. Just what is going on, Chevvy? I don’t want to read the papers/switch on the TV/scroll the iPAd… there’s just death and disaster and destruction everywhere. It’s sad what we’re leaving our children…But a very powerful piece, I must say!

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    1. Thank you for reading Kunal. Yes listening to the news reminds me of “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold,mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. Then we still have strike by the garbage collectors! So yes sometimes it gets a bit much. Still, we must go on believing we can make a difference:-)

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      1. You are welcome! Am getting obsessed with dark pieces..they thrill me, not in a bad way though! They get my attention. Really having trouble with presenting humor. Do you have a piece with humor in it?

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      2. I don’t do much dark poetry I guess because I write more for escape from the daily challenges one contends with in real life but sometimes one does get drawn in by emotions. On humor – not sure that I’ve explored that genre – must think about that:-)

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