Receive your present

Seize this prize moment,

cash in your winnings and spoils.

Luck’s temperament

plays her pendulum mood-swings.

Her metronome ticks,

losing your seconds

that could have been precious hours.

You may never recover

from losses you earn-

in the time you have burned.

Feel the wind’s quick breath

as it whizzes through your hair!

See the color range

through nature’s masterful art.

Hear her network sounds.

Count the daily smiles

among the people you see.

Light up their world to

with gifts you willingly share.

Yield surprise returns.

Happiness is found

in each moment we relish.

The bitter and sweet

in aftermath come to greet.

Glad tidings they bear.

Cherish this moment too my dear!

6 thoughts on “Receive your present

  1. It’s all about living in the moment. Today, I’ll watch my hubby cross the stage in his cap and gown and, at 51, be the first in his family to earn a Bachelor’s degree. As he “receives his present,” I will be clapping and cheering the loudest of anyone in that auditorium. 🙂

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    1. That’s so great to hear Joan. Congratulations to your husband on his achievement and your support. Treasure that beautiful moment. Hope you’ll have a picture for your treasure box. Btw, did you read that poem for your sister yet? Best. Chevvy

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  2. Absolutely, camera at the ready! Your poem about the treasure box inspired me to go through the items in mine, maybe enough material for a book! An autobiography in a box, so to speak. My sister’s b-day is May 12, I made her a card with the sister poem on the front, so it will come to her in the mail as a surprise. Can’t wait. 🙂

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