What’s missing

A voyeur

watching your life

in panoramic view

Stage manager

joining in applause

to an outstanding act

A commentator

to an exciting match

praising a spectacular win

Yet you can’t stop feeling

that something is missing

so you keep searching–

Somewhere out there…

then you’re surprised

to find that it was you–

Missing in your own life

all  this time

32 thoughts on “What’s missing

      1. Indeed. I wasted two years of my life not living my life the way I needed to and not being (that) happy. I am glad to have met you and everyone during that time, but still… I spent it not sticking up for myself against the world.

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      2. It’s not always easy Xara but it sounds like you’ve made progress – even through the realisation of what you want/need in your life. I’m really glad to see you here. Best. Chevvy😀

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  1. This reminded me of something I read in a simplicity book. The author referred to a letter she received from a 14-year-old girl. The girl had nice parents, a brother she got along with, a good friend, a dog, etc. She spent nearly all of her time being a good student, daughter, sister, friend, trying hard to live up to everyone’s expectations. Her assessment of why she felt so depressed all the time, in her own words: “I realized I am lonely for myself.” This poem spoke to me in the same way, being a stranger in your own life.

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  2. Girl, you be burning on ALL cylinders don’t you?
    I just sit back and wonder how you conjure pieces that are so TRUTHFUL and so beautiful.
    I have been thinking very deeply about this topic as of late and it is so funny that you would write something that speaks so closely to my thoughts. Uncanny? Maybe.
    Synchronicity? Definitely!

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    1. Hey Sweetheart, if something speaks to you, use it! That’s how I am around books in a bookstore – if they leap out at me, I generally know that I am meant to read it and most times, it’s like it was written specially for me – Synchronicity indeed! 😀

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      1. Oh yes, I’m starting to have those interventions with my purse. I did some cleaning up of my bookcases the other day and realised that I have no need to shop for books for a long time. Yes, if the poem spoke to you, feel free to use it as you see fit.😀

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      2. Good for you my dear and best of luck pursuing what you want. I also have a number of things to action so I’m going to be missing from the blog for a while. You’ll know when I’m back. Take care in the meanwhile😘

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  3. The good book (Geeta) tells us to be in the frame but not “into” it, if you what I mean. It’s very, very difficult for me. It’s like any other piece of great advice – so easy to give, so hard to follow. But yeah, “try and live in the now”, “be”, etc…
    Hey, I’m wondering now if I’ve got the right takeaway from your piece?

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    1. Perhaps by way of example: It’s probably a work-life balance thing. You work your life away and when you take a step back, you realise how much you might have missed – that even when you were present, you weren’t present for whatever reason.
      So I agree, it’s not easy to just be.
      A part of me misses the rush of what I was doing but I’m learning to redefine things, what success and happiness looks and feels like. But I think it’s always “work in progress” and relative to your passions and circumstances. And of course there is a spiritual element to it. To conclude – I’ve mostly been the one taking the picture and I figured it’s time I was in the picture savouring the moment for myself too. No picture is ever perfect though – does it make sense?

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  4. We miss the way we want to spend our lives, isn’t it? It’s not possible for me to live the way I really do as I’ve to cater my family and friends, and have to live with them. Not that I miss ‘being myself’ very often, but the feeling does appear at times.

    You have said is simply, the truth. 🙂 …

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  5. Insightful! Many of us are merely passive observers of our own lives, simply passing days, desperate for change yet bound to monotony. Time for some active participation. Me for me, new motto. Lovely thoughts penned so beautifully. 🙂

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