The first time

Though time has passed

I remember it well,

The first time…

My anticipation,

The sheer exhilaration,

Complete emancipation!

How you felt against my skin,

As you enveloped me

And I took you in,

Against the shadows

And dunes

Of emptied streets.

And I – like a child

Tasting a treat,

For the first time-

Walking in the snow.

13 thoughts on “The first time

  1. LOL! You had me going for a minute there. I don’t recall my first walk in the snow–grew up in the Snowbelt of Ohio, so I was probably just a toddler. However, I’ve gotten to watch each of my dogs play in snow for the first time, all hilarious whether they were suspicious of it, loving it, begging for a dog coat, or wiping out and sliding fifty feet across the yard. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Joan, thought I’d have some fun with it. Apart from an odd snowfall on some of our mountains, we don’t see snow. So my first experience was about 8 years ago in Switzerland and it was just as I’ve described itπŸ˜€
      During our random snowfalls, people travel miles to see it and behave just like your dogs.πŸ˜€

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    1. Hey I never thought of it that way – passion turned cold. Someone made a comment and it just gave birth to this. And the first time was those mild, furry flakes. I can remember it so well but lost those pics. The pic I’ve used was the real deal – awesomeness.
      I remember you longing for a White Christmas. I”m sure that would be nice!

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