If today is yesterday’s memory…

Memories linger
In their fashionable threads
 Change trumps all each day

The photograph

A mirrored reflection caught my eye

A black and white picture of you and I

Behind the reflection, rose colored walls

Sounds of love songs echoing down halls

Through the tracks of needles and tapes

Spun out of swelling love and heartbreaks

Time swirled around and streamed through

A broken part of me to a broken part of you

Shared memories linger in that ideal frame

A sequenced montage that calls out my name

As I gaze closely at the photograph once again

I glimpse the anticipation we could not contain

When our favorite song invited us to dance

We seemed to have been captured in a trance

The image keeps us locked in eternal embrace

What happened next, there is no sign or trace

That appears to be the way of sweet dreams

Where the magic is not as perfect as it seems

But as I lay my weary head and return to sleep

I rewind our love song that still makes me weep

It’s over now

It’s over now

The sluice gates were opened wide

Filling the river with tears that I cried

You hovered for a while

Not wanting to leave me like this

So you turned and gave me a final kiss

Still you keep coming back

In my thoughts, and into my dreams

Your face, reflected in the sun beams

Though it’s over now

There’s a special place for you in my heart

Even though we’ll now and forever be apart

The music  will still linger on

It is the language of our souls

It permeates far beyond our controls

I’m so glad that I had this dance with you.

Rose tinted memories

Rose tinted memories,

your footsteps everywhere.

Each pathway I walked

with a phantom escort.

I tried to shake you off

but you steadily followed me.

In my disguise, I tried to hide,

yet still, you discovered me.

Now I see you everywhere;

converging the seasons

of a love which has sprouted,

slowly simmered, then burned

into memories’ rose-tinted love.


A practice in patience

standing in the shadows

you dawn on me

with a glowing smile

to wake up my heart

Clouds blotted you today

replaced with incessant rain

threatening stormy weather

refracted to my soul

Time’s lethargy

spreading contagiously

as hours creep on

while I wait for you this time

I ought to love the rain

filled with memories

of its gentle dance with me

synchronised with my storm

But I am back to longing again

to find the Sun waiting for me.

Our Graffiti Walls

Sometimes the pain is unyielding,

deeply plunged with serrated edges.

Only you can see the ghoulish images

stuck on repeat, record, rewind, replay…

Brother take my hand because I understand

how the weather won’t efface, nor time erase,

the graffiti on the wall of your remembrance,

bleeding paint, rolling from those crying eyes.

Why does midnight seem so dark and cold

when you’re feeling strapped  and alone?

While Insomnia  wrestles your  demons away,

daylight can’t seem to come soon enough.

But it eventually does Brother, it does!

See… the bleeding has stopped for a while.

When you looked out of your window

and saw that other artists had been at work…

Painting their own graffiti walls, you knew

that there were others outside just like you,

chasing ghosts at midnight, in frenzied spritz,

their pain transformed into nobel–prized art.

We’ll rise from the ashes again Brother!

Take my hand, you may lend me yours too.


Together like an echo

I hear the reverberation

See the reflection

Smell the fragrance

trailing my own scent

I know you feel it

Just as I do

The loving thoughts

I have of you

Together we dance

Among each other’s words

Completing the sentence

Which we’ve been given

By time and memory

Handcuffed by dreams

Tricks of imagination

That keep the fire burning

Of our endless yearning

Together we long

For the elusive

The unattainable

Turning back of the clock

Rewinding the years

To a time and place

Where age was no concern

Obligations feather–dusted

Into another room

Together we draw

What we can with what we have

Sometimes it’s in the art

Sometimes in conclusions

The first time

Though time has passed

I remember it well,

The first time…

My anticipation,

The sheer exhilaration,

Complete emancipation!

How you felt against my skin,

As you enveloped me

And I took you in,

Against the shadows

And dunes

Of emptied streets.

And I – like a child

Tasting a treat,

For the first time-

Walking in the snow.

Nostalgia’s Blues

I remember this little old general farm store,

now with rampant bougainvillea and new red door.

It has been many years that have gone by

preceding its neatly laid paving and painted sky,

when it still carried old brands and signs.

for it’s pioneering character, my heart still pines.

I pause and ponder how life can be,

no longer seeing what I wanted to see.

Where a new year rings the changes,

a new owner comes in and rearranges.

While  a small wispy cloud passes over me,

a new door opens, and I now have a new key.

Still nostalgia’s blues constrict my throat

as memories flood from that same old boat,

with the sentimental feelings I hold dear

from many redefining winds through the year.

Well I remember, standing at the window,

many warm conversations held with you below.

Another cloud passes over and I feel at ease

Other new memories will soon replace these.

One day if we ever meet again and speak

I’ll still remember that very special week.

That spring we spent everyday together,

in blossoming, blushing bright weather.

As I turn to walk away, I wave a fond goodbye

with a single word of “thanks”, I look up at the sky.