2 thoughts on “Trading lives

  1. Well said, Chevvy. Here in USA, old “Don” tries to pull the wool over our eyes, but it’s not really wool; it’s the same fabric as the emperor’s new clothes and quite transparent to anyone willing to say so. I like the word “peddle” in the last line, as though our lives are just a commodity for sale. Piddle or meddle might fit there, but your choice tops either of those because it conveys all three sentiments in a single word. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Joan. Oh my use of the word “peddle” was very deliberate. Sadly, our lives are being commoditised, even stolen illegally and unethically. Your use of the word transparent has a certain irony in it since it takes on both meanings in this context – open for all to see as if in honesty but also open as a thief stealing from you in broad daylight.😀

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