Nature finds a way
To move through cycles of life 
One step at a time

The silence of the Bush

A silence that stirs and kisses

Whispers deceptively in hisses

Beckoning to enter her depths

Stilling your quickening breaths

She leads you to her inner shrine

A place that loses your track of time

Save the rising and falling of the sun

Your hearts beating together as one

Far from the jungle made of stone

Her brush strokes are for you alone

Where going out means going within

Bringing tranquility to your inner din

Her music is deafeningly loud

Nature’s requiem, a chorusing crowd

Setting the scene and the stage

To free you from your secret cage

Live in full colour

I gave you the arc of a rainbow,

the primaries for your palette.

With each stroke of your brush

I gave you my passion and pain.

I gave you the rising, setting sun,

a reflection of shadow and light,

that gave radiance to your open smile,

flaming–flamboyant or tranquil and demure.

I gave you the variable moon,

the glow and dim of your feelings

that rise and fall with the tides–

sea–change of life, never static!

I gave you all of my creation–

infinitely vivid and varied in colour,

to inspire you to reciprocate–

the depth of the love I gave to you.

No matter the tint or the hue,

I want so much from each of you.

Move from the shadows: into the light.

Extend beyond tones of black and white.

I gave my life to you, live it in full colour!

Catching the sunlight


He tried to figure her out

but he was never good at Math

to get her full measure – neither an athlete…

Each time he thinks he’s caught her,

she’s lost him around the bend.


Still, his curiosity won’t let go.

If only she would slow down a little–

She’s a little too drunk on speed

and he’s still smoking weed–

It shows up in the words…


Words that illuminate and

eliminate clues to understanding.

How they’ll find each other

In this complex maze of mis–



So he stands peering–

through her window, it’s late,

too late to see into her room.

She watches him standing there,

wondering why he doesn’t come in.


Then one day she hears the door–

slowly opening – At last! she sighs–

finally, his light comes streaming in.

She’s no longer in orbit, he begins,

undressing her mystery to his delight!




Day 22- Poet’s Billow Challenge: Nature’s cinematography

As a tribute to Earth day and in honor of the earth, write a nature poem. I’ve chosen to draw from a small glimpse of my hiking experiences.

The thudding of my heart

against the soundproof silence,

alone with each thought,

then, just breathing you in.

Entering a stretch of forest,

where the lighting of the sun-

beamed, as if stage-managed,

spotlights on verdant green.

A remote trickling, bubbling-

beneath rampant rambling,

of green celebrity carpets,

tree-shaded, in all shades.

Jungled tendrils, looping-

an acrobat’s rope, poised-

for a daring display to absorb me,

take my breath away!

Mist converging – in descent

until I’m wrapped and cuddled,

in my private whole new world,

the sheer isolation, crowding me.

As I emerge from paradise doors,

I look down from the mountain,

applauding set design and craft,

a mere slice of your production.

Why then would we choose

to hide behind shutters,

shunning the light in rebuff

of nature’s mysterious magic?

Dare we compete in creation-

automated,mechanical worlds,

artificial intelligence and robots

for the Oscar-nominated prize?

Flash flood

Just like a flash flood

it happened, unexpectedly.

A sudden heavy downpour

and I was swept off my feet.

Tossed into swirling rivers,

holding back my breath.

Thrashing as you pounded

blinded as you mounted.

You took me by surprise.

Never thought for a moment

that I could go off at a tangent,

find pleasure in the danger,

be at risk with a complete stranger,

whose depths I could not fathom,

and whose visit was unpredictable.

But just like the raindrops wash,

I had to feel the explosive rush,

brought close to fatal destruction,

Reason rescued me from me.