Touch to touch

We touched.

Shadowing fingers,

Print traces,

Hidden faces,

Still haunted by the same dream

Of a lover’s touch.

Still longing

For love’s rainy days

With its taste

Consumed in haste

Of wave’s cascading surges

When your mind met mine

And a hostage was taken of time

Two souls falling to rise again

In new incarnations

I feel you still!

Your lips don’t conceal!

5 thoughts on “Touch to touch

      1. I feel your writing very deeply Chevvy… Most all that you write has touched my heart… but so often your words have touched my soul and carried my mind beyond its normally curious horizons… and I thank you for allowing me to linger in your thoughts…
        Hope your day is filled with enlightenment…

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      2. Hello Michael. Thank you as always for your intuitive comments.I’m always fascinated by that inexplicable thing that draws us into the deeper world of others – a very special thing when that happens. My thoughts could get you lost though since I am finding my way through muddling times and sometimes I write to escape. The world is not always kind but I try to pursue enlightenment. I hope your day is sun filled bounty from the Autumn skies! Chevvy

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