Night and Day

Between rhythm and rhyme

wondering which it would be

words seemed to fail me

the notes sounded out of key

Then you walked into the room

arranged the lyrics to a tune

You blew me away– repeatedly,

endlessly, to heights not yet known

Words so cleverly coupled, selected,

slithered into slippery dark places

stirring memories and  dreams

painful heartbreaks of yesterday.

Caught up in an exotic dance

the music allured me once again

the beats, the strums, together

with words, they knew the drums

of my heart. They danced in  valleys,

on mountains, through the oceans

beneath the moon and with the sun–

lighting up life between night and day.


New Rain

Soaked by the rain

Of your tantalizing words

Floating in the air

Drenching wet kisses

On my lips, all over me

Your breath in each drop

Little did I know

The rain had become a flood

So strong the allure

Deceptive drizzle

Driven by tumescent winds

Pelting everywhere

The taste of new rain

Freshly fallen, final gush

A verse now complete

Until the next rain…


   the torrential rush–

   the merging of two rivers

   caught in collision,

   tumbling, falling,

  submerged and subsumed–

  then the stream faltered

  into a trickle,

  leaving only the salt

  of tears long dried out.


 the bouy bobs and drifts,

 still afloat

 in a small pond.

She catches a sob,

wiping the lonely tear

before it falls for him


Just one kiss


Very suddenly

Beyond completely

I’ve fallen

So in love with you

Have you fallen too?


In quiet suspense

As your lips touch mine


Whether I can bear

A moment like this


In the swell and swirl

Moving in rhythm

Frenzied rush

As we climb and soar

Heights not known before


Erratic, in gasps

Bliss to feel like this

After just one kiss…

You got the best of me

This poem contains a hidden poem to give you a total of at least three poems 

You’ve given me the best years

of your life and I’ve given you mine too,

the best gifts ever any woman could

want or man deserve, it’s been blessed!

As I gaze down life’s road; most of it has

been smooth. You’ve given me the

best time of my life. There was no one

quite like you, to do it quite like you.

We’ve had problems like most people

do, but no cracks that could not be tarred.

You spoke to me with your heart and soul,

filled the need in me, made me feel whole.

Our music played in perfect harmony

you knew the words before I sang them.

Let’s toast to many years ahead and

pray to choose the right fork in the road.

Long– I’ll remember, as you will too,

the best time of my life with you!

The first time

I never thought I’d feel it again,

that raw urge,

that sense of release

to feel whole again,

in control of my own freedom,

to touch the magic:

feel its pulse, one with my own,

the tremulous anticipation

that you always feel,

on that decisive occasion

of the first time,

just before

that long awaited moment.

That’s how I felt

from the first stroke,

lubricated with blushing color

and sweeping motions.

Untamed passion

poured out of me

as I laid my dream bare

on the smooth white canvas.

(Inspired by the Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book –

Big Magic: Creative living beyond fear)

For you


No pretty gift box from me

Left under your glittering tree

No Yule tide message exchanged


It’s a gift that none but you will see

Can’t smell it or touch it, and it is free

No shops keep it stocked on their shelves


You’ll feel its shiny wrapping

And you’ll hear its beat tapping

If you listen with your heart.


You’ll smile when you find it

And taste of its flavors sweet

Each time you slip into your dream


For you, I share my imagination

To fill your mind with inspiration

And warm your heart with peace


For you, I’ve made a pledge

To walk with you until the edge

Where your soul finds its freedom


This gift will forever be priceless

When we behold eternal brightness

Finding the wildness in you

When the wildness in me found

the wildness in you, we burned

like smokeless fire,

licking and lapping, leaping, and bounding

Wildly free.

Our wings opened up and we flew,

to the sky, soaring and tumbling, we knew,

that the unexpected would become the familiar

and all our fears and concerns would be lost.

As we floated

on barges of feathery clouds.

As we rose to greater heights,

our spirits still roaming free,

we knew that we’d get too close to the sun

and our Daedalus wings would finally melt.

We agreed that we’d take the fall.

Such exhilaration

Was worth paying the ultimate price.

So time has come for us to wait,

for the next time that you and I will meet,

when the wildness in you finds

the wildness in me once again.