Close that door

Close that door on your anger

Still contending and defending who is to blame

Re-living all the hurt and your dark secret shame

Until it becomes a lethal toxin to your existence

Organ pipes tuned so loud, you lose all resistance

Close that door on your resentment

The festering sore that never seems to truly heal

Opening new wounds in old scabs that you peel

That thick bile that keeps congesting your chest

Until Misery’s eggs are warmly laid in your nest

Close that door on being the victim

Emotionally scarred and taken for granted

A washtub, a door mat – in your mind implanted

Time for a new way of looking at what life brings

Perhaps a different pest control to fend off the stings

Close that door on your deception

It’s nothing strange, we all hide behind our masks

Ready to please and tease the world in all that it asks

But when the sun peaks inside, someone pays the price

Of souls torn apart in a cold, steely, shredding-device

Close that door on your unhappiness

The world is filled with a myriad of magical things

Time’s too short to not breathe in all that nature brings

So many smiles lie wasted behind curtains of tears

I’ll drink a toast to you and hope you’ll say Cheers!

Close that door so that new ones may open

Here’s to you for all dreams you have been hoping!

6 thoughts on “Close that door

  1. If only it were that easy, but you’re right. I shouldn’t be so angry as much as I have been lately. Believe me, I would for once love to stop being so angry with people and myself. Perhaps when things become absolved, I’ll be fine. Thank you for writing this beautiful message, Chevvy. Again, I’m glad you’re in my life.

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