This Haven

I see your haunted eyes

sleep’s tired turmoil

tangled in twisted sheets

with doubts that you have–

to leave or to stay

in the spider’s intricate trap

or  inhale the toxic moisture

on a moody moonless night

where nothing makes any sense

everything converging at once

sending you into a relentless spiral

beyond life’s choreography

the dance you auditioned

that made you so ecstatic

when you heard you won the part

came with terms and conditions

you did not read the fine print

a non negotiable contract

that felt like a life sentence

without any chance of parole

but there is always an exit clause

sit down here for awhile,

in this haven of peace and listen–

in the silence, you’ll find the answer.

It’s your time

Liberate your mind–

you are much greater

than you think you are

Define who you were–

before you became a slave

to extraction and contraction

Start to know yourself–

prescribed by your own story

in the language of your tongue

It’s time to know your worth–

the value of your golden soil

your ample rivers and sun

You lose it everyday–

just giving it all away

with handshakes of bonded strife

Remember your name–

come into your own light

be the centre of your own universe

Africa, it’s your time!

Author’s note: This poem was inspired by a public lecture delivered yesterday by Kenyan nobel prize winning writer and  Professor of English, Ngugi wa Thiongo,  entitled: “Secure the base: decolonise the mind”

The map depicted in the image above illustrates how large Africa is in terms of space in comparison to other major powers. It is also blessed with a wealth of resources yet Africa remains one of the poorest continents in the world. It is still primarily  the dark continent in terms of electrification. As a continent that was colonised by many European countries while its people became  victims of slavery and oppression, there is a school of thought towards freeing our minds from colonisation and reclaiming  our identity and place in the world.

Torch and a Spear

We were like two ships

Passing through the night

My perfume in the breeze

Yours, with smoke-filled trees

You made me pause

For a moment–

Inhale memories long forgotten,

Though occasional visitors

But I’ve tasted and drunk

Enough damp midnight air

Not to want to go back there.

Walk with me  for awhile

Come and gaze through my window

Take a look at your possibility

To share the fragrance with me

And leave that stale air behind

The shore is not too far

If you take the dive with me

I have a torch, you have a spear

Together– we have nothing to fear!


A practice in patience

standing in the shadows

you dawn on me

with a glowing smile

to wake up my heart

Clouds blotted you today

replaced with incessant rain

threatening stormy weather

refracted to my soul

Time’s lethargy

spreading contagiously

as hours creep on

while I wait for you this time

I ought to love the rain

filled with memories

of its gentle dance with me

synchronised with my storm

But I am back to longing again

to find the Sun waiting for me.

I’m thinking of you

Thrown from your routine–

Where each sunrise brings purpose,

Suddenly alone

I think of you

As bags are packed–

Traffic exodus of crowds,

Silence now too loud

I think of you


Behind tears of loneliness,

Festive observer

I think of you

Who for the first time–

Must sleep on that double bed,

You always shared

I think of you

Hoping and praying–

That you will dress in seasons,

Where time comes to pass

I think of you

See your smiling face–

As you slowly realize,

I’m thinking of you

He is always thinking of you too.