Night and Day

Between rhythm and rhyme

wondering which it would be

words seemed to fail me

the notes sounded out of key

Then you walked into the room

arranged the lyrics to a tune

You blew me away– repeatedly,

endlessly, to heights not yet known

Words so cleverly coupled, selected,

slithered into slippery dark places

stirring memories and  dreams

painful heartbreaks of yesterday.

Caught up in an exotic dance

the music allured me once again

the beats, the strums, together

with words, they knew the drums

of my heart. They danced in  valleys,

on mountains, through the oceans

beneath the moon and with the sun–

lighting up life between night and day.


De ja vu, once again

Redundant though it may seem,

I must ask the question once again.

How well I remember our first encounter

When you first discovered my treasure.

Your special dedication, still etched

In my mind, and now, I see it again.

Once again it begs the question–

Do I know you from another place,

Another time? Were we lovers or friends?

Were we family, friends or foe ?

Perhaps we’ll never know

But that feeling is all too familiar.

I smell the scent, I see the passion.

I have read the words and I feel it!

De ja vu, once again.

When Reason leaves

She wavers a while

Knows she should stand guard

Has felt the pain before

But she has a Rival

Passion is not her friend

He descends in Don Juan style

Sweeps her out the door

Yesterday’s dust that had settled

Residue of ashes from old fires

Caught off guard in the moment

She savoured its forbidden taste

Intoxicated by its delirious fragrance

She faints again and again

There are no smelling salts

To revive her back to sanity

Once more the fool

When the music plays again

A piped tune, she’d follow to the end

Into the abyss of regrets

Where guilt bites hard, a rabid dog

Infecting her with madness

Until the face in the mirror

Becomes a stranger

Lost to who she thought she was

Passion has his way with her

Even when she tried to say no

It was merely a whimper

He chose not to hear

Because her actions spoke

Much louder than her words

Reason would find her once again

In the drunken gutters

When the party had ended.

Close the door quietly

Hush now my friend

though winds have spiralled

and lashed out at you.

Walk away on padded feet.

Let them not hear you

as you close the door,

on tricks of your mind

that thwarted your courage.

Those nights tossed in restless sleep,

those days of useless self pity,

those hours of longing

for what you could not have.

Close that door in silence

as you step aside for the light

that will bathe you, caress you

with the holy promise of a new day.

A day filled with surprises–

wrapped with ribbons and bows,

waiting to witness your sheer delight,

to find it was just what you wanted!

Close the door quietly my dear.

Let them not hear the echoes

of your footfalls, or know

that you have been here before.

And when you return to this place,

wearing your victory crown,

let them ululate, bowing at your feat

in their invisible shapes and forms,

No longer able to make you cry

because you have learnt how to fly.

Man of my dreams


you take control of my mind

you turn the valve,

tamper with feelings

I did not not know that I had.

You have broken in.

Left vulnerable–

Stripped naked in a cage,

you know my secrets,

which doors to unlock.

You sledge-hammer my walls,

releasing my fears.

With nimble fingers,

you untangle many ropes

that held me captive–

leaving me breathless.

I want you to stay with me.

Please show me the key

so I can set myself free



swathed in vacuous clouds

tucked in silent drops of rain

drifting curtains of misty spray–

this feeling when I pray


away the pain of massacres

of triggers, blades and blame

protesting, powerless rage–

the muted venom of our age


rest with me tonight

cuddle me gently in your arms

kiss me with your scented breath–

lift me from this deepening depth

But never bury me in the sand

She is no stranger…

She visits me without warning

sweeping in, wearing her dark hooded cloak,

instantly paralysing all my faculties

as her opiate smothers  my senses.

She turns off my music, steals my appetite,

casts an eclipsed shadow of despair over me.

Sometimes she slips stealthily into my dreams,

walking me through a daze of dim empty rooms.

Some of them familiar, stark and solemn,

abandoned grey walls encroaching in.

Then we’re walking the unruly garden,

the open space surprises and  excites me.

When she leaves, Sun slowly returns–

trading smiles and agile footsteps

as I walk through brightly-lit aisles,

shopping for a new chance at happiness.

Buying stones and trinkets to keep her away,

still convincing myself that she will not return.

Then she is suddenly  there, painting my walls black.

Restless in pace, l still cannot see her face.

She effaces good memories and mists up–

my promising thoughts, drowning me

with rivers of tears and unsolicited fears.

Still I rise, fending her off with bright smiles.

In the distance, He reaches out to me

reminding me that I am not alone.

Patience and Hope are on their way,

Faith enters the room with his armour.

Finding you

Emotions stumble

drunkenly towards the edge-


by what others think

floundering and falling down

left in disarray

on another day

you will find sunny smiles

when happiness speaks

love does that sometimes-

rolling turbulence today

still waters the next

while concealed depths

deceive the glassy surface

with images of joy

imagined or real-

they infect everyone else

especially you

shared feelings find

comfort for loneliness

when they recognize

the yearning you have-

a desperate emptiness

needing to drain out

before it becomes

like spreading cancerous cells

gnawing at your soul

you let down your guard

and invite all of them in-

the bliss and the hurt

passion’s pendulum

parades new colors each season-

no rhyme or reason

just the wild pursuit

the primeval quest to be

who you truly are.

Flash flood

Just like a flash flood

it happened, unexpectedly.

A sudden heavy downpour

and I was swept off my feet.

Tossed into swirling rivers,

holding back my breath.

Thrashing as you pounded

blinded as you mounted.

You took me by surprise.

Never thought for a moment

that I could go off at a tangent,

find pleasure in the danger,

be at risk with a complete stranger,

whose depths I could not fathom,

and whose visit was unpredictable.

But just like the raindrops wash,

I had to feel the explosive rush,

brought close to fatal destruction,

Reason rescued me from me.