I know and you know

The words we cannot say.

Like embryonic droplets

Suspended, in cumulus clouds.

They conjugate in anticipation,

The nouns and the verbs.

Yet stand silent and awkward,

In deciding which adverb to choose.

I love…… I adore….I worship…..

Then the rain clouds converge once again.

A drenching flash-flood leaves us speechless,

With feelings that no words can explain.

I know you’re listening….

For words you cannot read.

Sometimes, silence speaks….

Louder than any words can.

12 thoughts on “Ellipses

    1. Oh my sweetheart, I feel so bad neglecting you. I’m well thank you, just needed to focus on work. Hoping to be more visible during March. Still I must check you out. Hope you’re doing fine. I miss you too!

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