Little miracles

Imagine it!

That in everyday and in every way

Little miracles will find you, need you, inspire you

And veils will fall, sparks ignite and pages fill with ink,

With verse and rhyme you knew but could not think.

Delight in it!

The exuberance of your inner child, long repressed

Between black and white, malevolent, deep dark nights.

Retrieve that inner being whose longing eyes still glisten,

If only you would lend an ear to her beating heart and listen.

Believe in it!

That your dreams will see the light

And destiny’s promise will not let you down,

The thoughts you’ve hidden in pockets of your soul

Will be redeemed and restore you to feeling whole.

Take it!

The abundance that life will bring

Prepare to receive it with arms stretched out!

When the little miracles accumulate in what appears as chance,

You’ll realize that there was always an epic plan to watch you dance!

21 thoughts on “Little miracles

  1. “The exuberance of your inner child, long repressed’! Wow Chevvy A very beautiful and inspiring poem! Sometimes we are too concerned with what we don’t have and give little regard to what really matters! I absolutely loved it! Thanks

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    1. Yes, I know the song and a diehard Luther fan- have just about all his CDs including this song. There’s some music of his I used to listen to when he sang with the band “Change” Though I found a number of those albums, I still feel I’m missing some songs when he sang as “Luther” If you know any songs from those days, tell me what you know 🙂

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      1. When he sang as “Luther” it was actually a group of five of them. The group started not long after he worked with David Bowie on the Young Americans album, I think. From the All Music Guide: He also put together a vocal quintet called Luther, which signed to Atlantic’s Cotillion Records subsidiary. Their self-titled debut album was released in June 1976. The tracks “It’s Good for the Soul,” “Funky Music (Is a Part of Me),” and “The Second Time Around” reached the R&B Top 40. The title song off the second Luther album, This Close to You (April 1977), reached the R&B chart, but that wasn’t enough to keep Cotillion from dropping the group, which then broke up. (Vandross acquired the rights to the Luther recordings and saw to it that they remained out of print.) “The Second Time Around” was remade on the Any Love album.
        Hope that helps, T

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      2. I’m very impressed. Ok so I’ll look into this maybe I’ll find that song that evades me but carries such nostalgia from my “young” days. Btw, I listened to the video you posted. It was great to watch. One thing Luther and I are agreed on is that little miracles happen everyday – sometimes we are just blind to them. I have had so many little miracles happen this week that it was magical. So look out for your little miracles this week. Before I go, I’m just recalling a post you made earlier this year about those colorful sweets that you were crazy about. I wasn’t familiar with them then while on holiday in January spotted them in a sweet shop with all your colors – how about that:-)

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      3. I love my Skittles! (the name of the candy)…that reminds me…my candy jar at work is seriously in need of a refill :).

        So glad I could help you with the “Luther” questions. Another fun tidbit about that song “The Second Time Around”: my mother absolutely adores that song.

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      4. Yes Skittles they were – not sure what we call them. Ok so I’ll dedicate this week to listening to my Luther favorites. On the back of this exchange ,watch out for my next music post 🙂

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