Impressions of words

Credit- Gordon Anderson

when we were young–

with the innocence of lambs

words flew like rapid-fire bullets

catapulting us through sling-shots

when we were young–

words left fingerprints all over

that forged who we’d  become

impressions and punched annihilations

When we were young–

thunderstorms whipped and cracked

as lighting flashed with cursing words

that covered the mirrors of ourselves

when we were young–

those words ached and they cringed

paralysing us underneath hidden fears

brimming our eyes with sobbing tears

when we were young–

we  really did not understand

the meaning of those hateful words

now trapped in dark passages of time

now that we are young–

to a world of new translations

we know there are spaces and places

between the words and their shadows

now that we are young:

those words can dress up in new clothes

dance wildly beneath the thunderstorm

take a bow beneath rainbow’s radiance

Now that we are young !


Night and Day

Between rhythm and rhyme

wondering which it would be

words seemed to fail me

the notes sounded out of key

Then you walked into the room

arranged the lyrics to a tune

You blew me away– repeatedly,

endlessly, to heights not yet known

Words so cleverly coupled, selected,

slithered into slippery dark places

stirring memories and  dreams

painful heartbreaks of yesterday.

Caught up in an exotic dance

the music allured me once again

the beats, the strums, together

with words, they knew the drums

of my heart. They danced in  valleys,

on mountains, through the oceans

beneath the moon and with the sun–

lighting up life between night and day.


I know and you know

The words we cannot say.

Like embryonic droplets

Suspended, in cumulus clouds.

They conjugate in anticipation,

The nouns and the verbs.

Yet stand silent and awkward,

In deciding which adverb to choose.

I love…… I adore….I worship…..

Then the rain clouds converge once again.

A drenching flash-flood leaves us speechless,

With feelings that no words can explain.

I know you’re listening….

For words you cannot read.

Sometimes, silence speaks….

Louder than any words can.