Boxes and cages

Little girl take care

Don’t let the world tie you down

Shelve you in a box

Throw open those doors

Wake up from those vivid dreams

Make them come alive

You were born with wings

Spread them out- take to the sky

You were born to fly

Step out of the box

That will confine how you think–

Limit your world view

Beware of the cage

That barricades your thoughts with bars

Of doubts and fears

Find the pearls within

Shake off the grey shells of doom

You were born to bloom

Hoist out of your own petard

18 thoughts on “Boxes and cages

  1. This is just so wonderful! I don’t know if you meant to, but the fact that it’s addressed to a little girl rather than a little boy, makes it so much more meaningful for a place like India (where the girl child is still “unwanted”). Awesome piece!

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    1. Gosh, no intention of being sexist but I guess I started off wanting to have a conversation with my own inner child which seems to be getting in my way a bit at the moment. But I think it’s relateable to anyone who finds themselves stuck in anyway. I’m a firm believer that you can rise above your context/circumstances but I know it’s not easy. Fortunately I’ve done it in many ways so I know it’s possible. I’m trying to instil it in my girls as well. But I’m glad you saw it’s relevance for your country. Now who the heck is crazy not to see the importance of girls/women in their lives, not just as pretty faces but with real value to add.
      One of the things that makes our constitution an exemplary one is that it included significant participation by women who added another dimension to it. Anyway – off my soapbox I go. Thank you Kunal:-)

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  2. You, my dear, are a master wordsmith! How beautiful this is!

    By the way, I have a serious petard from which to hoist myself out of! LOL!! Let’s just say it has to do with plots, plans and choices from my past!

    I love Shakespearean references. It is not beyond me to refer to folks shuffling of this mortal coil when speaking of a person who has died.

    We really are soul sistas!

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    1. Ah! methinks she doth quote Hamlet here. Well then the next one is “To be or not to be, that is the question” Are we going to fly the coup as it were – we all have boxes/cages to fly out of. Sometimes they are about our circumstances, our pasts or our impositions on ourselves. I probably have a bit of all three. AND soul sistas we are – that’s just how it is. The universe connects us that way. For some it’s a passing encounter, others a longer journey.

      Yes I love words and playing with them but the fascinating thing I’m learning is that when I just let it flow, it tells me something – so Sista, I’d love for my words to speak to you in your own reality.
      Hope your walk in the rain was good. It sounds so therapeutic. Now not to detract from a serious conversation, this song came to mind when I read that you were going Walking in the rain:

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  3. I AM ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    This was waaaay too funny back in the day! I used to love this video; you know the casual way that he stalks them undetected! Just smoking his cigarette all cool and stuff!

    This was the jam! Thanks for a good hardly laugh!

    By the way, since I have been inspired by you guys to keep “My Jams” going, the opening remark will be from Macbeth! Keep your eyes peeled sis!

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