With troubled mind

You come to me with that look,

the one filled with many questions.

You had not anticipated feeling like this.

When did life stop being predictable?

Was it the day that we crossed paths?

Did it change your timetable and destination?

When you took the bus you knew its direction

but now you’re not so sure, did you miss your stop?

Or was it simply the law of cause and effect?

15 thoughts on “With troubled mind

    1. Yes, I guess it’s the company I’m keeping 😉 but we’ve established before that we’re likeminded sometimes in what we write. But I promise you that my day has not been so intense. It’s been great so far. Best to you too for the weekend:-)

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      1. Well maybe the heart knows what the heart knows. But since you are still being conjured back to life, I need some help here from my sista below:


    1. Ah Joan, I loved your response. Keep on moving girl, don’t stop. Well good for you – it means that you were happy with the choice you made and it was fine to stay on that bus. You’re reminding me of an experience I had in Paris. I wanted to get to the Latin Quarter and someone misdirected me to the wrong bus. In the end I was the only passenger and had to get off – and it was definitely not the Latin quarter. But I enjoyed getting lost and wondering around taking photographs and just enjoying the afternoon by myself. Reminds me of your RV story – just going wherever your heart takes you with no stress. Enjoy your day my dear. 🙂

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