Looking into the distance…

we stare into the interminable distance

wishing we could divine its existence

what waits for us on the other side–

is it a land filled with unequivocal promise

or will we remain in Nostalgia’s guileless grasp,

longing for  diamond memories of the past?

will we ever see the rise of the golden sun,

will he who stands beside us still be the one?

the wind is a temptress with liquid eyes

when she breezes or dampens our dreams

the light you once knew– may now play its trick.

in this age without prophets, how shall we know

save to feel the warmth of our heart’s afterglow?

look for signs in the eyes of another’s to show

before we reach to the sky, let’s ask ourselves why–

what is that purpose that will drive our reason?

let this be the guide to hold true  in the season.

but in  this minute, this hour, this moment–

treasure it unconditionally, let’s try not to lose it!

 It still stands waiting for us…

13 thoughts on “Looking into the distance…

    1. Ah! thank you so much Kunal. Actually, now that you mention it, I like the 3rd stanza too. In essence I guess as we get older, we “ruminate” – to steal your word- over these things. BUT as I conclude, it’s the here and now that must not be lost – you with me on that? 🙂

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  1. Beautiful 🙂

    So appropriate for my life right now. As always, you have given me something interesting to think about- And I love that you did it in a way that only you can.

    Chevy; my new favorite poet.

    You’ll find this hilarious but I fell in love with WB Yeats when I was in high school. Half the time I didn’t really understand the meanings of his work but it was something about the ‘widening gyre’ from “The Second Coming” that caught my attention. Oh yeah and that moving ‘Sphinx’ scared me! LOL!

    Uh huh! I was that weird black girl!

    Much love to you! Enjoyed this very much!

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    1. I’m very glad that you liked it and that it has meaning for you. In a way it is linked to the chats we were having on yours and Ron’s blog the other day.
      I just spent the day with a friend of mine and these topics come up all the time partly because of our generational concerns but there are also just too many shocks to the system on all fronts. So sometimes we’ve just got to leave those worries at the door and enjoy the moment the way I’m doing at this moment 5.01 p.m. GMT to be precise:-) Hey Girl, aint no way I can compete with W.B. Yeats. Interesting that Poetry wasn’t my first love, Music was – but love makes you love poetry 🙂 What many people overlook is that there is so much poetry in some of our Music and you have the melody and instruments adding their own poetry into the mix 🙂
      Btw – that poem you mentioned, the Second Coming – also includes the lines: “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, mere Anarchy is loosed upon the word” Quite often, we need to go to that place before things get better. I’m hoping you’re at a turning point:-)

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      1. PREACH Chevvy!!!! Yes, I was all over the whole “things fall apart…the center cannot hold…”
        It was an abstract thought when I was a kid but now I see the concrete meaning.

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      2. Maybe the heart knows what the heart knows but if I have to conjure you back to life – let’s do it right – need some help from my sister below:

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  2. But in this minute, this hour, this moment–
    Treasure it unconditionally, let’s try not to lose it!
    It still stands waiting for us…
    My favorite lines, right here!! Whatever is going on, soak it up. You’ll never another chance to live this moment. Loved the Nina Simone, too. 🙂

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