No turning back

we’re in the same boat

you and I– chasing the same mirage

in the desert of our lives that is

filled with life that we never see

we’re on the same road

you and I– looking at the crossroads

dreaming of the roads not taken

when the yearning began to burn

we’re on the same journey

you and I– we’re trying to move on

but our illusions spin us around

wanting to know the reason why

we are travellers and seekers

a tossing and turning of the restless

that which we have lost we cannot retrieve

because it will never ever be quite the same.

27 thoughts on “No turning back

  1. Chevvy I often struggle to find the words to adequately explain how I feel about what I read here in your studio.

    Yet, I still feel the need to say something.

    Thank you for continuously sharing all of these beautiful works of art.

    Wish we could literally have tea together and discuss 🙂

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    1. I think you feel me. Some of my work is based on personal experience , others on everyday observations but in the end my perspectives are based on collective wisdom. I received an email from a your woman last night to tell me that she was leaving the organisation we both worked for last year. I used to be her boss. She was thanking me for all she had learnt from me and said that she always wanted to be like me. I’m just so proud that she is going on to bigger, better things. I’m telling you this because it needed those face to face encounters to help her. My friends always tell me to include them in a book I might write one day – but that based on years of heart to hearts. So in short-I know what you mean. So while we’re still planning our tea in Georgia or Champagne in Paris, my poetry, music, stories and photographs will have to do.😗

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      1. You know I feel you girl!

        I recognized early on that your work is based on Universal experiences. I tend to do the same thing but from a different perspective. As they say, we, as humans, have more similarities than differences.

        Thanks for sharing all of these goodies! Oh yeah, I’d much rather have that tea in SA but the Champagne in Paris is non-negotiable LOL!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      2. Well Tea one day in SA. There’s a chain of shops here called the tea experience. I have a stash of all kinds of interesting teas and little teapots and a tea set I bought in Shanghai. I save it for friends who can appreciate the tea experience just like the analogy I used about the jams being like a campfire.
        Hope you’re having a superb day!

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  2. A man can never step in the same river twice, for he is not the same man and the river is not the same river.

    Your words are spellbinding Chevvy!

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    1. I got you. You’re still awake – what time is it where you are?

      To your point – that is exactly it. When we talk about longing for the good old days it will never be the same because as you say the man will have changed and the river.

      That is my point in 50 word stories, that people can grow apart and feel empty because they may not grow together or the person they fell for is not the same person they married.

      Even with friends – there are things you do with one that you wouldn’t do with the other because the experience might be totally different. When I think of our discussions on Lady G’s blog, we look at things as we remember them as our younger selves and that’s nostalgia. If we went back in time as adults, we would have an entirely different view of that experience. Sorry for the long response 🙂

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      1. Thank you. That’s what they are. I know there’s a lot of detail behind each one that someone onece said could be the bones of a book. I’m just exploring realities I see around me or sometimes experience myself:-)

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    1. Thank you Joan. In a way the poem has a dual purpose. In some ways I am speaking to a specific person and in others it resonates for everyone😀 I have a fondness for trains. don’t travel on them very much. Have beautiful memories of travelling on overnight trains to my grandparent’s farm.

      Then of course I’ve been on various trains overseas. The thing about trains is that they are rich in symbolism for changing scenery, transitions, life choices, beginnings and endings:-)

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