A sinister wind


wild mushrooms sprouting–

rampant everywhere.

A face turned ugly–

preaching from the high pulpit,

blocking my entry!

When did you return

to trade the shade of my skin

as new currency?

Wearing your disguise,

subtle words to exclude me–

A sinister wind

blowing recklessly,

depreciating my worth

as you bluster in.

I will not rejoin–

sink to your brand of hate speech,

this yields no profit.

Rather I appeal

to restore the dignity

of martyrs and slaves.

Arrest this backward thief!

13 thoughts on “A sinister wind

  1. Divide & rule – doesn’t change, does it? And people/society/organisation/politicians thrive on this fear of the “other”. It’s going to need a mighty effort of/in our minds and mindsets to overcome this. Sigh, someday….? Keep speaking up, Chev, but don’t let them get under your skin!

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    1. Thanks for reading this Kunal. I guess I felt compelled to make a societal comment. A number of incidents are talking points on our local news at the moment of blatant and unapologetic racism. I find the subtle version just as bad.
      We have all kinds of laws in place but in the end this is about each of us at an individual level hence my personalising this though it’s not about me. I cannot accept that we retrogress to the indignations we suffered historically. At the same time it’s still rife the world over. Will it ever change?

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      1. If it is any solace, we suffer from it here, too. There is a definite hierarchy between the haves and have nots, which comes across very clearly (eg: in Hindi we have the equivalent of the French, “vous” and “tu”, so a have not is spoken to as {the inferior} tu, whereas the haves would be addressed as {the superior} vous). The want for fair skin to connote a “higher caste” is another – some of our matrimonial ads make me cringe, they are so damn regressive! And then we have communal/religious/geographic biases. It’s sad that we cant/dont see other people as simply humans. And I know that vestiges still exist even in the UK/US/Australia from stories we here read/hear, so it’s a broader problem. But fight it, we must, even if it’s gradual progress!
        Sorry, I think I’ve added to your vent!

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      2. No, you haven’t added to my vent but help flesh out that if is not racism it will be another ism. You remind me of a few personal incidents, one where I was told after a presentation that I spoke English so fluently or a situation where someone assumed that my white colleague was the boss when I was. I have been bold enough to have held my own and broken through many of these barriers. I fear that if we’re not vigilant our children might fall victim though.

        I wish you could hear the ridiculous statements that sparked my vent. I suppose in the end we each have to examine our own prejudices and test the premise of these. I guess that is where our Trevor Noah helps us take a look in the mirror. Ok – I’m done venting for the day 😀

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      3. Step outside, Chev, breathe in deep and exhale! If you smoke, wth, light up, otherwise get yourself some coffee. It’s not gonna go away in a hurry and the world doesn’t wanna change too quick. Chill, you take care!

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      4. ha!ha!ha! thanks for the chat, you’re right of course. I’m just about to drive off in the sunshine, promise to take my deep breaths and listen to music instead💜

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  2. Wow! Do I hear a lion roaring?

    Give it to ’em Chevvy! Yes, we are all tired of this mess! I recently asked another blogger, “Does no one read history anymore?”

    This kind of hate talk and policy only leads to destruction; hence the cyclone pictured!

    You DID that Sis!

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    1. Oh the lion has calmed down today (attitude adjustment😀 ) Don’t know if you’ve read Alex Haley’s “Roots” I read it many years ago. We’re currently following the television series which just has us transfixed. Then to have a sudden spate of racial incidents made my temperature rise.

      But on another day, I remind myself that there is also a lot of good in the world. It’s always a balancing act 😀


      1. Yes I understand those ups and downs but I think it is so cool that you can use your creativity to allow something beautiful to emerge from anger. What better way to deal with it than that? That is- if you can!

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  3. Racism is a huge problem, one whose solution cannot, unfortunately, be legislated. One can follow the letter of the law while disregarding the spirit of it. Good for you for speaking out, taking a stand.

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    1. Thank you Joan you are right about the spirit of it. I guess the value of legislation is that my children enjoy many freedoms that I didn’t. But it’s a lot harder to regulate hearts and minds. Unfortunately, when racial incidents arise, it just inspires rage all over again. I guess like all unjust practices, we must never stop trying to eradicate them.

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