Going within

A room full of pearls

The wisdom of many years

A mountain of gifts

A snug cosy chair

With warm words cuddling the air

Comfort waiting there

My vision impaired

I stumbled and did not see

Love waiting for me

The sun streamed in

Lighting up a splendid display

Gratitude’s delight

Another step further

Into a dark sacred room

You welcomed me in

Then my tears flowed

When you opened your arms

And consoled me

Then I heard your voice:

Always go within

To figure it out

I am always here

Whenever you are in need

Just remember this–

I send you little miracles everyday!

14 thoughts on “Going within

    1. Thank you Kunal- even on the blog,miracles come my way. I am feeling a lot better today but I’m sure that you can see from all the things I share that I have so much to be grateful for.
      I’m looking at a gorgeous sunny day today😀

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  1. This grabbed me:
    “Then I heard your voice:
    Always go within
    To figure it out”
    There are a million questions about life, worth, meaning, happiness, etc, that no one can answer for you. No secret formulas or equations. You have to go within and find your own truth. Simple and eloquent, Chevvy! 🙂

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    1. Bless you my dear! It’s good to see you Joan and yes – those are important lines but my rider is also in the last line. Sometimes we miss those if we aren’t looking😀 Thank you for always engaging with my poetry Joan!

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  2. This is the key! Baby thank you for the reminder. Go within; your higher-self is waiting for you there! I love this!

    One thing I know for sure Chevvy; whenever I have trouble getting to ‘there’ I know I can ask the divine to help me. This is such a lovely reminder.

    By the way, I know that I used the word ‘lovely’ a lot when describing your poetry. That’s not because I lack a large enough vocabulary. No, it’s because that is often the ONLY word to properly describe what you do with words and with meaning.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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