Magnolia Bloom

No sign of life, all this time,

your secret– locked inside

your dried and brittle twigs,

grounded in Winter’s chill.

A sudden surprise declaration

of love I’d long forgotten,

you displayed a solitary flower

that caught my full attention.

A herald to the season’s change,

a reawakening of warm feelings

I thought had died, long forgotten!

You had guarded your secret well.

Once again I’m under your spell,

intoxicated by the scented breeze,

infected by your contagious breath

of new love unfurling once again.

12 thoughts on “Magnolia Bloom

  1. Welcome back, Chevvy! Love this poem, how life cycles around and surprises you just when you’d lost hope. Night always brings day, winter brings spring and summer. The pic looks like a “surprise” flower that bloomed here a week or so ago, a dahlia. The stalk got clipped by the lawnmower a few times. Hubby wasn’t sure if it was a plant or a weed, but he let it stay. The flower is beautiful, orange sherbet with pink edges on the petals, more buds have appeared. Indeed, new love unfurling once again. 🙂

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    1. Hello Joan and thank you for the warm welcome. I can’t imagine what ha happened to this month let alone this year. Spring is already upon us here and it feels like we’re in for a really hot Summer. Yes – I was inspired by watching a lone Magnolia in my garden . Aw – I’ve missed how you engage with my poems. Thank you and enjoy the “Dahlia” while it lasts! 😀

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      1. Nah – not that important or ambitious. I think I look at the stepping stone moving forward not upward. For now, I’ll just be president of my blog. Aint that enough Girlfriend?

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