29 thoughts on “Rejuvenation

    1. Sometimes, you do have to search for these hidden beauties in a wilderness. I took the picture on top of a mountain.
      I see how you pay attention to each blossom which is great. Often most of don’t notice 😀

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    1. Always if you look. Of course, beyond the flowers, there are special people among the crowd, sometimes total strangers who come along once in a while and provide that spark in a sometimes harsh reality.❤️

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    1. Wise woman you are! I’m always amazed at what fills me with renewed vigour – quite often small things from unexpected places/sources at just the right time. I guess God is always watching huh?

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      1. Yes it’s the small things that do it sometimes Chevvy! That beautiful little flower, proudly standing there, could almost be overlooked if not for the keen eye and the soul just needing that extra ‘little something’ to brighten the day. God knows what we need and knows just how to provide it – it’s just up to us to be aware and thankful for those blessings. Lovely talking to you Chev – another much need blessing for me today … 🙂

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