Where souls collide

I will meet you there
in that special place around
which our worlds revolve

Bound by your love

When I fear being lost

I know that you will find me

A tracker, navigator and compass

To my troubled, wavering soul

Seek and I shall find – you said

And there you were, waiting

With words of warming comfort

Ready to be my guiding ranger

You offered me a rock

On which to build my home

So here I am, receiving shelter

From the ceaseless raging storm

You promised me eternal Sun

To nurture my inner strength

I’ve found a shoulder to lean on

You rise each day, to give me hope

Most of all you’ve followed me

Through lofty mountains and

The turbulence of turning tides

Through it all, I’ve seen your smile

Now I know, I’d do it all over again

Just to be one with you…

For you


No pretty gift box from me

Left under your glittering tree

No Yule tide message exchanged


It’s a gift that none but you will see

Can’t smell it or touch it, and it is free

No shops keep it stocked on their shelves


You’ll feel its shiny wrapping

And you’ll hear its beat tapping

If you listen with your heart.


You’ll smile when you find it

And taste of its flavors sweet

Each time you slip into your dream


For you, I share my imagination

To fill your mind with inspiration

And warm your heart with peace


For you, I’ve made a pledge

To walk with you until the edge

Where your soul finds its freedom


This gift will forever be priceless

When we behold eternal brightness

A new day

I almost missed the grim figure who stood at the water’s edge, lost in the seclusion of his own thoughts. But he heard the rustle of leaves and turned slowly to gaze up at me, a tormented look in his eyes. As soon as they locked with mine, his slow gentle smile spread into the fine crinkles of his brown eyes. I started to cry, and soon I was sobbing uncontrollably. He reached out for my hand, seeping all warmth from his into mine and I knew – I knew then that I would never want for anything. He had restored my soul.


Caught the whispers

Of our souls’ last embrace

As the sun cast new light on a

new day!

When the sun rises

When the sun rises with her new grace

And sends glimmers to light up your face,

May you be peaceful in your repose

Recalling all that none but us knows.

As the arterials flow with your warm blood,

Let sun help your rose form its new bud.

It is your smile that I so sorely miss,

It is the miracle of loving you like this.

Walking the edges of your dark shadows

Between past highs and brand new lows,

Let pendulum retrace its swing back to you,

Stroking your soul to feelings anew.

Should you awake still feeling weary,

Nest in my soft pillows until you can see clearly.

For like a babe suckling on its mother’s breast,

You’ll find true love and soothing soft rest.

Dream sweetly my love,until we again meet

Where I’ll be waiting, open arms to greet.

More than enough

Just to have loved you

For a lingering while

That is more than enough.

Just that fleeting sojourn

We shared on a forest path

Gave life new meaning

That I needed from you.

Do you remember,

the day that we first met?

The sun steadily drizzling

Through fluttering leaves,

The riotous orchestra

Of harmonious birdsong

As we fell into step.

By your side, nothing to hide

In sheer naked splendour

Our true selves laid bare

Your voice was so gentle

As you took my hand in yours

Guided and sheltered me

From a jungle of thorns.

You gazed deep into my eyes,

Took me back to a place

Where we’d been together

In a distant time and place.

When we reached the river

And your lips touched mine

I heard the rush and the trickle

Of ages gone by, where

This precious moment

Was reminiscent of travels

In Oblivion’s  past.

This was no dress rehearsal

But the real opening act

Of a mysterious drama

Based on historical fact.

So in this moment

of perilous ecstasy

Tranquility found me

And I know for certain

That no other love

Could ever leave me

Feeling quite like this!