Who could have known

Dreams would lie shattered

Human life no longer mattered –

Last breath sighed on their own.

Insulated, disconnected or isolated

Behind thin masks and stone walls

Or hollow, emptied shopping malls

Meanwhile we’re all being mutated

To a future that is unprecedented


What the world needs

No firing of cannons

No twenty one gun salute

No swearing in an oath of office

These are but trivial things

In the presence of such as you

Who affirmed the noble dignity

The priceless humanity of one and all

No pomp and ceremony

No fighter jets and planes

No lines of uniformed parades

For a foot soldier who marched

In rhythm with the heartbeat of his soul

Hearing the cries of those he served–

To turn limestone into a better world

No pursuit of golden trinkets

No excesses of material things

No labels and ornate insignia

Instead you built a library

Replete with threaded qualities

That turned mice to men and women

With humility and kindness shared

Yes, it is your brand of leadership

Yes, it is your unwavering selflessness

Yes, it is in all of us to search and find

That which offers gifts to all mankind

Something happened

I was a dusty, weary wayfarer

bruised and limping on bare feet

The night had been far too long

my heart, stone-heavy and dark

But something happened

The first rays of the sun sneaked in

carefully bathing my sullied skin

Fresh winds untangled my hair

and I found you sitting right there

Yes, something happened

Though strangers, we were kindred spirits

perhaps I was taller, but only in height

On this new day, we both had a chance

to brush the soot off our chimney-souls

I know that something happened

It always does when a new sun rises

filling us with unexpected surprises

No matter our distinction and persuasion

the new day levels for us a new haven

Something happened to us today

Another chance to stand, start afresh

another moment to fall back in love

with life itself and our own raison d’être

It’s ours now, let’s absolve their blame.

Something is happening to all of us today.

These Walls

These walls speak

Sometimes too choked with fear

To tell us about what happened here

These walls cry

Tears of dried blood from old scars

Of prejudice and pain behind those bars

These walls scream

Of  silenced voices and separated lives

Edicts determining who endures and who thrives

These walls hide

Exhumed hatred, resurrected from a bygone era

When masked men darted knives of burning terror

These walls hear

Vitriolic words, disguised in the name of the holy book

Claiming promised lands with a stolen verse as the hook

These walls see

How we cower in shadows when we make that mark

That gives our permission for self selection into the ark

These walls know

Who carries blood and dirt on their hands

When we build new walls to extend divided lands