What the world needs

No firing of cannons

No twenty one gun salute

No swearing in an oath of office

These are but trivial things

In the presence of such as you

Who affirmed the noble dignity

The priceless humanity of one and all

No pomp and ceremony

No fighter jets and planes

No lines of uniformed parades

For a foot soldier who marched

In rhythm with the heartbeat of his soul

Hearing the cries of those he served–

To turn limestone into a better world

No pursuit of golden trinkets

No excesses of material things

No labels and ornate insignia

Instead you built a library

Replete with threaded qualities

That turned mice to men and women

With humility and kindness shared

Yes, it is your brand of leadership

Yes, it is your unwavering selflessness

Yes, it is in all of us to search and find

That which offers gifts to all mankind


Impressions of words

Credit- Gordon Anderson

when we were young–

with the innocence of lambs

words flew like rapid-fire bullets

catapulting us through sling-shots

when we were young–

words left fingerprints all over

that forged who we’d  become

impressions and punched annihilations

When we were young–

thunderstorms whipped and cracked

as lighting flashed with cursing words

that covered the mirrors of ourselves

when we were young–

those words ached and they cringed

paralysing us underneath hidden fears

brimming our eyes with sobbing tears

when we were young–

we  really did not understand

the meaning of those hateful words

now trapped in dark passages of time

now that we are young–

to a world of new translations

we know there are spaces and places

between the words and their shadows

now that we are young:

those words can dress up in new clothes

dance wildly beneath the thunderstorm

take a bow beneath rainbow’s radiance

Now that we are young !

This Haven

I see your haunted eyes

sleep’s tired turmoil

tangled in twisted sheets

with doubts that you have–

to leave or to stay

in the spider’s intricate trap

or  inhale the toxic moisture

on a moody moonless night

where nothing makes any sense

everything converging at once

sending you into a relentless spiral

beyond life’s choreography

the dance you auditioned

that made you so ecstatic

when you heard you won the part

came with terms and conditions

you did not read the fine print

a non negotiable contract

that felt like a life sentence

without any chance of parole

but there is always an exit clause

sit down here for awhile,

in this haven of peace and listen–

in the silence, you’ll find the answer.

Close the door quietly

Hush now my friend

though winds have spiralled

and lashed out at you.

Walk away on padded feet.

Let them not hear you

as you close the door,

on tricks of your mind

that thwarted your courage.

Those nights tossed in restless sleep,

those days of useless self pity,

those hours of longing

for what you could not have.

Close that door in silence

as you step aside for the light

that will bathe you, caress you

with the holy promise of a new day.

A day filled with surprises–

wrapped with ribbons and bows,

waiting to witness your sheer delight,

to find it was just what you wanted!

Close the door quietly my dear.

Let them not hear the echoes

of your footfalls, or know

that you have been here before.

And when you return to this place,

wearing your victory crown,

let them ululate, bowing at your feat

in their invisible shapes and forms,

No longer able to make you cry

because you have learnt how to fly.

Her time has come

Beyond beauty spas–

stepping out of silhouette,

at last her time has come–

To lead and nurture,

heal the war-torn damage

of our wounded past.

A world asunder

through outrageous blunder,

now calling for Peace.

Hear me when I say

now, at last her time has come.

Listen to her voice!


bringing calm to tame the winds

and turbulent seas.

A toss of coins–

gambling carelessly with lives,

has won her a place,

To sit among men

and hoist freedom’s fresh flag.

Her time has come!

Who will cast a stone

or seek splinters in her eye

without solution?

With eyes wide open–

cast your vote for Peace,

for her time has come!

Still we rise again


in ruthless devastation

yet again we rise

to be a witness

of persevering courage

and forgiving heart

that we too shall rise

brick by brick, each of us can

tear down cemented walls

in spite of the loss

a calm quells the violent storm

Sun rises again

many before us

showed us that Freedom’s way

was paved with love

and untainted faith

that a new day would dawn

lit by a peace lamp

though we may stumble

soaked and riddled with pain

still we rise again

Soul cleansing


Within your swirling splashes,

Your curling whipping lashes,

Your tilting, turning crashes,

I found a riotous serenity.

As you spiraled,sprayed and spun,

Smoldering from a hidden sun,

Whirlpool of clamorous upheaval,

Sparked my misplaced sanity’s retrieval.

Behind these sturdy rocks,

I cleared my mental blocks.

Yet your waters rose again

And swept my debris in the drain.

My mind is now clear and free.

My heart was given a brand new key.

My soul once again restored to me.

More than enough

Just to have loved you

For a lingering while

That is more than enough.

Just that fleeting sojourn

We shared on a forest path

Gave life new meaning

That I needed from you.

Do you remember,

the day that we first met?

The sun steadily drizzling

Through fluttering leaves,

The riotous orchestra

Of harmonious birdsong

As we fell into step.

By your side, nothing to hide

In sheer naked splendour

Our true selves laid bare

Your voice was so gentle

As you took my hand in yours

Guided and sheltered me

From a jungle of thorns.

You gazed deep into my eyes,

Took me back to a place

Where we’d been together

In a distant time and place.

When we reached the river

And your lips touched mine

I heard the rush and the trickle

Of ages gone by, where

This precious moment

Was reminiscent of travels

In Oblivion’s  past.

This was no dress rehearsal

But the real opening act

Of a mysterious drama

Based on historical fact.

So in this moment

of perilous ecstasy

Tranquility found me

And I know for certain

That no other love

Could ever leave me

Feeling quite like this!

A message from Venus

Venus visited me in a dream

and asked that I deliver you

this message :

return to less turbulent times

where you breathed divine

wisdom and peace with many

who adored you.

accept that disruptive forces

have entered your realm

and delight in the creation

and inspiration this offers


Most of all, love remains

supreme and speak of it

fondly as the Goddess deemed

it should be.

Then she said: keep faith

in the love you have found

do not be distracted by

playfulness, which is part

of love’s charm, but know

that Serendipity has

special plans for you.

Finally she said: Be careful

Of your favorite rose. She

is surrounded by many thorns

who whisper everywhere.

In tending her, do take care.

I enjoyed the dream and

hope you will to.