Something happened

I was a dusty, weary wayfarer

bruised and limping on bare feet

The night had been far too long

my heart, stone-heavy and dark

But something happened

The first rays of the sun sneaked in

carefully bathing my sullied skin

Fresh winds untangled my hair

and I found you sitting right there

Yes, something happened

Though strangers, we were kindred spirits

perhaps I was taller, but only in height

On this new day, we both had a chance

to brush the soot off our chimney-souls

I know that something happened

It always does when a new sun rises

filling us with unexpected surprises

No matter our distinction and persuasion

the new day levels for us a new haven

Something happened to us today

Another chance to stand, start afresh

another moment to fall back in love

with life itself and our own raison d’Γͺtre

It’s ours now, let’s absolve their blame.

Something is happening to all of us today.

25 thoughts on “Something happened

  1. I think the “something” you speak of is HOPE. I felt very much like the speaker in Stanza 1 post-election and inauguration–impenetrable darkness. A ray of light broke through it during Saturday Night Live with Melissa McCarthy doing her impression of Sean Spicer. She made me laugh at a time when I truly thought I’d never laugh again, and it felt so good. Life is bearable with hope and laughter. Thanks for a great reminder of that, Chevvy. πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh Joan, it’s such a great story to hear of how you are able to make the connection to this poem and your ray of hope. This was born out of an exchange I had with another blogger and I’m hoping he’ll write his version of this poem.
      Still every day something happens towards the good no matter how small. Thank you my dear!😊

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  2. THIS: “the new day levels for us a new haven”
    I love that line! I think it speaks to that bit of us that stays eternally optimistic with each passing day.
    A hopeful expectation that things will be alright.

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      1. I’ll send you a link or two to pieces I’ve written so you can see that “pedigree” as you put it, is not beyond us never mind where we come from. Besides – whose idea of pedigree are we talking about?πŸ˜„ Now let me attend to that reblog.

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