Finding the wildness in you

When the wildness in me found

the wildness in you, we burned

like smokeless fire,

licking and lapping, leaping, and bounding

Wildly free.

Our wings opened up and we flew,

to the sky, soaring and tumbling, we knew,

that the unexpected would become the familiar

and all our fears and concerns would be lost.

As we floated

on barges of feathery clouds.

As we rose to greater heights,

our spirits still roaming free,

we knew that we’d get too close to the sun

and our Daedalus wings would finally melt.

We agreed that we’d take the fall.

Such exhilaration

Was worth paying the ultimate price.

So time has come for us to wait,

for the next time that you and I will meet,

when the wildness in you finds

the wildness in me once again.