Nostalgia’s Blues

I remember this little old general farm store,

now with rampant bougainvillea and new red door.

It has been many years that have gone by

preceding its neatly laid paving and painted sky,

when it still carried old brands and signs.

for it’s pioneering character, my heart still pines.

I pause and ponder how life can be,

no longer seeing what I wanted to see.

Where a new year rings the changes,

a new owner comes in and rearranges.

While  a small wispy cloud passes over me,

a new door opens, and I now have a new key.

Still nostalgia’s blues constrict my throat

as memories flood from that same old boat,

with the sentimental feelings I hold dear

from many redefining winds through the year.

Well I remember, standing at the window,

many warm conversations held with you below.

Another cloud passes over and I feel at ease

Other new memories will soon replace these.

One day if we ever meet again and speak

I’ll still remember that very special week.

That spring we spent everyday together,

in blossoming, blushing bright weather.

As I turn to walk away, I wave a fond goodbye

with a single word of “thanks”, I look up at the sky.


Finding the wildness in you

When the wildness in me found

the wildness in you, we burned

like smokeless fire,

licking and lapping, leaping, and bounding

Wildly free.

Our wings opened up and we flew,

to the sky, soaring and tumbling, we knew,

that the unexpected would become the familiar

and all our fears and concerns would be lost.

As we floated

on barges of feathery clouds.

As we rose to greater heights,

our spirits still roaming free,

we knew that we’d get too close to the sun

and our Daedalus wings would finally melt.

We agreed that we’d take the fall.

Such exhilaration

Was worth paying the ultimate price.

So time has come for us to wait,

for the next time that you and I will meet,

when the wildness in you finds

the wildness in me once again.

I knew you when…

I knew you when life was innocent

Like a babe in powder puff blankets

When your eyes still held a sparkle

Like the taste of foreign cuisine

Still distinct and experimentally spicy

When flavors were still imagined

I knew you when we were both lost

Entangled in the undergrowth of youth,

Of woven stems and mysterious brush

When we were free to define a new path

Climb the tallest trees seeking adventure

And envision new horizons’ allure

I knew you when you basked in my glory

When I searched the crowd for your face

Because my crown was ours to share

For all the good loving you vested in me

But best of all, it was that mischievous

Smile, dancing on the edge of your laughter

I knew you when we needed each other

To make our two worlds complete

When the universe was our hidden oyster

A brilliant white pearl, only our love’s secret

When the sound of your voice cocooned me

Then set me free to fly to the furthest skies

I knew you when you loved me deeply

Without mountains challenging us steeply

Time has gone by, seasons have changed

And I realize that I need to know you all over again

Spring has its glory and Autumn its own story to tell