Soul cleansing


Within your swirling splashes,

Your curling whipping lashes,

Your tilting, turning crashes,

I found a riotous serenity.

As you spiraled,sprayed and spun,

Smoldering from a hidden sun,

Whirlpool of clamorous upheaval,

Sparked my misplaced sanity’s retrieval.

Behind these sturdy rocks,

I cleared my mental blocks.

Yet your waters rose again

And swept my debris in the drain.

My mind is now clear and free.

My heart was given a brand new key.

My soul once again restored to me.

8 thoughts on “Soul cleansing

    1. Thank you, that was what I came here for, this riotous noise that blocks out all other noises and I swear the waves did all that I described since it was a windy day. I’m ready for the world again:-)

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