Torch and a Spear

We were like two ships

Passing through the night

My perfume in the breeze

Yours, with smoke-filled trees

You made me pause

For a moment–

Inhale memories long forgotten,

Though occasional visitors

But I’ve tasted and drunk

Enough damp midnight air

Not to want to go back there.

Walk with me  for awhile

Come and gaze through my window

Take a look at your possibility

To share the fragrance with me

And leave that stale air behind

The shore is not too far

If you take the dive with me

I have a torch, you have a spear

Together– we have nothing to fear!

I wonder

As I roll back the years

Turn back the clock

Wipe away my tears of regret

I wonder

Were you ever really happy?

I’ve forgotten your smile

Something rare, seen once in a while

I wonder

What were you thinking

With the voices inside your head

That played havoc with your moods?

I wonder

Do you have the answers

To all the things that I seek?

Is it your voice, that calls me in my sleep?

I wonder

Was it written in the stars?

For your life to end that way

Never saying goodbye on that solitary day

I wonder

When I look up at the stars

Was it you who just winked at me

Reassuring me with your glimmering light?

I wonder

Will you blow out a candle

On this day when your life began

When you received your deck of cards?

I wonder

Was it you who held my hand

All those times when I felt so forlorn?

Is it you who leaves gifts for me everyday?

Perhaps I shouldn’t wonder – I already know.

When I gaze into the mirror and see you looking back at me.

What ifs

These questions that gnaw at me,

nibbling at the joy that life brings,

feeding me with cheesy excuses,

muddling doubts, impotent fears,

stealing glitter off golden moments,

when I should have been totally here,

not wondering on my own out there–

an exile behind my own prison walls.

What if this is what was meant for me

all along, complete with every crack,

every blemish that prizes the antique,

aspired by most but afforded to a few.

What if I had made an irrevocable error–

taking the bus and not boarding the train,

believing that life had to ride the highway

instead of pausing at each station en route?

What if there were no what ifs to choose–

where automation usurped my controls,

clipped my wings so that I could not fly?

Would I be the me that has reason to be?

What if I told you that this is exactly it?

I’m just where I need to be, here with you?

It’s in the the stars my love, in the stars!

Thank you to Marie from ComeFlywithme for the prompt to write this poem

Life’s garden

Even as he turned the soil, unearthed the weeds,

He knew that he would have to plant new seeds.

For what is it to grow a garden and not linger,

To stop and revere,the art of your green finger?

What pleasure there is in being freedom’s child

Sprouting buds and leaves, trendrils twirling wild.

There is also great merit in the design and pruning,

For complementing–colour, shape and fine–tuning

At the end of the day, we’ll sit back and admire

The achievements of hopes to which we aspire.

No longer prisoners of our own fault and device,

Co-creators, not victims of the throw of the dice.

No root stands firm without tender loving care,

Nutrients and water, sunshine and refreshing air.

Even when we think that chance is to blame

We must each move towards our own end-game.

Feel the ocean within

Do you sit and wonder

if it’s true

that you are

who you say you are-

that you are not lost

in the jungle of your mind

or trapped in a fate

you’d soon renounce?

Do you sit and wonder

at the miracles

that cross your path-


sometimes unnoticed-

until the effects of ether

have long since passed

and the dream is reality?

Do you walk and wander

up mountain peaks

down hidden trails-

hear the trickle of water

as it flows over rocks

and fallen branches-

that life is just that way

streaming everyday…

Until – you feel the ocean within you.

Soul cleansing


Within your swirling splashes,

Your curling whipping lashes,

Your tilting, turning crashes,

I found a riotous serenity.

As you spiraled,sprayed and spun,

Smoldering from a hidden sun,

Whirlpool of clamorous upheaval,

Sparked my misplaced sanity’s retrieval.

Behind these sturdy rocks,

I cleared my mental blocks.

Yet your waters rose again

And swept my debris in the drain.

My mind is now clear and free.

My heart was given a brand new key.

My soul once again restored to me.