Something has to end

It’s past midnight

And sleep remains elusive.

Time keeps ticking, ticking!

You break into a sweat.

What about tomorrow,

And the day after that?

You’ve tried before

To set yourself free,

But you’re tormented

By what you cannot see.

Confusion turns the tides

Of your faltering heart.

Words betray your emotion

In what it has become.

It’s hard to interpret

These immobilising feelings

That are not supposed to be.

Still time keeps ticking, ticking!

The voices inside your head

Grow quarrelsome tonight.

Some say go, others

Tell you not to move,

Each shouting louder

Until you can’t think.

But you alone know:

Something has to end!

10 thoughts on “Something has to end

    1. We all have something to end even our attitudes, how we perceive things or react to them. I had to end somethings last year which have been very liberating and make way for the new. Hope you are having a fine Sunday. Best. Chevvy

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      1. Am at a cusp of sorts myself and I know what you mean . In His time I am sure I will be liberated too . My Sunday has been peaceful and one spent among trees ( cause I love them). Happy Sunday to you too . Hugs

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      2. Oh yes , I remember you mentioned that in an earlier post. Enjoy the show and share a few other songs later . I hope he sings Hello…my first memory of ever listening to that beautiful voice.

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    1. Well, hello. Good to see you here. You’ve been keeping yourself in abeyance:-) Not sure which threshold you are referring to since I have many 🙂 But I am coming back slowly just in moderation as you’ve advised since I’m still breaking ground in my work. I think there’s some exciting stuff ahead. It’s been great having a sabbatical but I still want to be in the rat race though more on my terms. It’s a public holiday here today. How are you doing today?

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      1. Good for you – You write very well and I look forward to your writing. I read your last poem a couple of time and realised how many different meaning the are to the word “same” 🙂


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