Our souls collided
But it was no accident
We were meant to be…

The love of a mother

I made this for you

Who have not nursed a child

Though mother to all

Who held up a torch

When I tripped in the dark

You guided my way

You were born for this

To pick up the broken parts

Make them whole again

Your little bundle

Is wrapped in those of us

Whose lives cross your path

For the love of a mother

Can be in one woman to another

( A special dedication to special women in my life on mother’s day)

The photograph

A mirrored reflection caught my eye

A black and white picture of you and I

Behind the reflection, rose colored walls

Sounds of love songs echoing down halls

Through the tracks of needles and tapes

Spun out of swelling love and heartbreaks

Time swirled around and streamed through

A broken part of me to a broken part of you

Shared memories linger in that ideal frame

A sequenced montage that calls out my name

As I gaze closely at the photograph once again

I glimpse the anticipation we could not contain

When our favorite song invited us to dance

We seemed to have been captured in a trance

The image keeps us locked in eternal embrace

What happened next, there is no sign or trace

That appears to be the way of sweet dreams

Where the magic is not as perfect as it seems

But as I lay my weary head and return to sleep

I rewind our love song that still makes me weep

It’s over now

It’s over now

The sluice gates were opened wide

Filling the river with tears that I cried

You hovered for a while

Not wanting to leave me like this

So you turned and gave me a final kiss

Still you keep coming back

In my thoughts, and into my dreams

Your face, reflected in the sun beams

Though it’s over now

There’s a special place for you in my heart

Even though we’ll now and forever be apart

The music  will still linger on

It is the language of our souls

It permeates far beyond our controls

I’m so glad that I had this dance with you.

Strange Feeling

It cuddles me in the midnight hour

Opening me up like a blossoming flower

Wrapping me in the afterglow of that feeling

When the rapture of an orchestra hits the ceiling

Like gently cupped whispers filling my ear

To fall in love again, let go, run wild my dear

Don’t think about tomorrow, today is right here

As the music plays, feel my warm breath so near

It reaches deep within, moving mysteriously inside

The strange feeling of love that I just cannot hide

It takes me back to another season in time

It  directs me to fill this page with my rhyme

It’s taken over my body and soul

Before I know it, I’ve lost all control

Could It be that I’ve just lost possession of my mind?

Or is this the love song that took so many years to find?

I may not understand this strange feeling that I get

But I know that this emotion hasn’t left me quite yet

Love is the word

In a dream you came to me

whispering that word

the resonance that found us

when it was just you and I

The word that bound us

across  oceans and sky

in that place where you waited

time ticking, endlessly

Until I opened my window

saw your footprints in the sand

the smile you’d left me to find

with that word that belongs to you

The dream still lingers in my wake

in the last message you crafted

contrasting the shadow and light

cupid’s arrow, threw my heart

I’m hoping to see beyond my tears

when love brings you back to me.

It’s all in that word that means: the

same thing is happening to you and me.

What’s love got to do with it?

When you spend a lifetime

calling out my name

seeing me just the way I am

midst the cobweb’s spiral

What’s love got to do with it?

When we switched roles to reverse

and you played the nurse

when you let me run freely

trusting that I would return

What’s love got to with it?

When you pressed the wrong key

and the music played out of tune

those hard knocks of life

when I welcomed you back in

What’s love got to do with it?

When I take my shades off

and look up at the sun

I see you standing there

It becomes so very clear–

What love’s got to do with it.

I’d rather be with you

I’d rather be with you

Wondering through vacant rooms

Looking at old photographs

Of how it used to be

When we loved with such abandon

All you did was look at me

Just a gentle flick, and like hot wax

I melted, flowing everywhere

I’d rather be with you

In the dark silence of the night

Where we fumbled and stumbled

Over each other’s words

Eventually tossing them out

With the past hurt and pain

Their resurrection would bring

No more tears, all we did was cuddle.

I’d rather be with you

Knowing where we both had been

Then turning down roads untrammelled

Where surprise is an aphrodisiac

Harmonising signs of the zodiac

Connecting our separate worlds

Like the first man on the moon

Anticipating fresh discovery anew

I’d rather be with you.

De ja vu, once again

Redundant though it may seem,

I must ask the question once again.

How well I remember our first encounter

When you first discovered my treasure.

Your special dedication, still etched

In my mind, and now, I see it again.

Once again it begs the question–

Do I know you from another place,

Another time? Were we lovers or friends?

Were we family, friends or foe ?

Perhaps we’ll never know

But that feeling is all too familiar.

I smell the scent, I see the passion.

I have read the words and I feel it!

De ja vu, once again.