The first time

I never thought I’d feel it again,

that raw urge,

that sense of release

to feel whole again,

in control of my own freedom,

to touch the magic:

feel its pulse, one with my own,

the tremulous anticipation

that you always feel,

on that decisive occasion

of the first time,

just before

that long awaited moment.

That’s how I felt

from the first stroke,

lubricated with blushing color

and sweeping motions.

Untamed passion

poured out of me

as I laid my dream bare

on the smooth white canvas.

(Inspired by the Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book –

Big Magic: Creative living beyond fear)


16 thoughts on “The first time

    1. Ah! it’s just the trick of light of the painting.:-) I must find that quote. Btw I haven’t read the book yet, but I heard an interview with the author on the radio today that enticed me to read the book this weekend. Hugs for your weekend:-)

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    1. I love that description, thank you Joan and I receive it most humbly. I think we walk around feeling incomplete if we don’t delve into our creativity. I love the layers of meaning in words. Still,my next ambition is to learn how to paint. Have an awesome weekend:-)

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    1. Thanks T – I’m glad you like it – that’s me being creative. Now with all your knowledge of music, do you play instruments or what would you like to play if you could?
      I had a great day – though I had some work to do when everyone has taken the whole week off. Hope you had a good day.:-)

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      1. Sadly, I don’t play any instruments. But if I could, I’m thinking the piano or the bass. I always admired all the great bassists in those great funk and soul records of the 70s, and I always like listening to someone tickle the ivories and find myself wishing I knew how to make magic like that.

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      2. Never too late to learn or just get close up to a band. That’s me being inspirational. There are many things I’ve done that I didn’t think I could do. Still want to learn how to paint:-)

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      3. You got me there – I don’t. I used to love singing when I was growing up though and starred in school concerts and choirs. Just lost my voice along the way. I love to see women playing the saxophone. That’s my favorite instrument.

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    1. I was at an event last year where we had a man and w0men duo playing the sax and taking special requests. So upon my special request they came to woo me with “killing me softly” It was awesome in how it felt that they were conversing through their music.
      Yes, when people hear me speak, they often think I have a singing voice. If I could it would be a Phyllis Hyman or a Lala Hathaway voice I’d be after:-)

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      1. It’s a good day, I have the day off from work. Just relaxing and listening to some music (what else?). The rain is falling outside, but I have my windows open.

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