Day 4 of the challenge from the Poet’s Billow : The prompt for today is to write a poem including the words Bread,Butter and Milk. Enjoy!

I need you,

but you knew that already.

You are the bread that sustains me,

inspiring me with a solid reason,

the base on which I stack my fancy’s filling,

daily nourishment for my creative soul.

I searched for you.

Then I found you after tossing the clutter,

melted like butter at the first sight of you,

now necessary to my everyday,

that glue that keeps me together,

spreading through each waking thought.

Oh how I yearned for you!

You were the missing  jigsaw piece,

the milk that now flows through my veins,

warming the cockles of my heart,

flowing fluidly through the channels

of love that draws me to you.

Autumn shades

I’ve painted a picture of you

though there are spaces

filled with dark shades of mystery

parts that I cannot clearly see.

Your passion runs deep in red hues

Crimson, scarlet and cherry-red,

sobered by the aquatic look in your eyes,

grounded river banks in verdant lush.

I’ve captured your boundless longing,

your  clever wit, as well as your quest

to escape the monotonous pathways of life,

traced in your lithe movements of intrigue.

The yellow glows of your sunshine

state of mind, I smudge and tinge

with magenta and blushes of pink

accentuating  your romantic disposition.

I’ve seasoned you in Autumn blends

in celebration of the highlights of Summer

and the shedding of the old for the new.

That is the soulfulness I see in you.

The first time

I never thought I’d feel it again,

that raw urge,

that sense of release

to feel whole again,

in control of my own freedom,

to touch the magic:

feel its pulse, one with my own,

the tremulous anticipation

that you always feel,

on that decisive occasion

of the first time,

just before

that long awaited moment.

That’s how I felt

from the first stroke,

lubricated with blushing color

and sweeping motions.

Untamed passion

poured out of me

as I laid my dream bare

on the smooth white canvas.

(Inspired by the Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book –

Big Magic: Creative living beyond fear)