Day 4 of the challenge from the Poet’s Billow : The prompt for today is to write a poem including the words Bread,Butter and Milk. Enjoy!

I need you,

but you knew that already.

You are the bread that sustains me,

inspiring me with a solid reason,

the base on which I stack my fancy’s filling,

daily nourishment for my creative soul.

I searched for you.

Then I found you after tossing the clutter,

melted like butter at the first sight of you,

now necessary to my everyday,

that glue that keeps me together,

spreading through each waking thought.

Oh how I yearned for you!

You were the missing  jigsaw piece,

the milk that now flows through my veins,

warming the cockles of my heart,

flowing fluidly through the channels

of love that draws me to you.

8 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. OK, here goes… bread, butter, and milk. Why those three items would make me think of mountain climbing, I’ll never know.


    The view from the summit beckons,
    buttering me up, urging, fueling my desire

    Silver-blue dots point the way
    like a trail of phosphorescent breadcrumbs

    I follow them hungrily, determined
    to know the dizzying splendor of victory

    Where autumn tumbles into the valley
    and spreads her auburn palette into forever

    I want to spend eternity in this moment,
    immerse myself and never come up for air

    The chill wind of reality breaks the spell
    Backpack suddenly heavy on my shoulders

    The descent is a vampire, milking every
    ounce of my energy and strength and will

    I sign out at the trailhead, utterly spent
    but unable to wipe the smile off my face

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  2. Thanks, Chev. I have written a memoir with all the details of the climb, and might post both the memoir and poem on my site in the future. I have promised not to inundate my readers with posts, so I try to keep it to one per week. Is Poet’s Billow a website? A blog? I love writing prompts and would probably sign up.

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    1. Great and I understand about following a schedule. I’m following Poet’s Billow and they occasionally show up on my Blog. It’s the first challenge/prompt I’m following to help test my creativity and respond spontaneously to a range of topics which I only see in the morning (my time). It does require that I post everyday for the month which is taxing but fun as well. Here is the link that you can follow:

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