Yes, I will

Yes, I will

Wait for the warmth of your breath

As you whisper in my ear

Calling my name.

Yes, I’m ready

To sip wine from your harvest

Tasting the soil and human toil

As you kiss my lips

Yes, I’m coming

With the river’s great rush

Feeling it’s caress on my skin

As I take all of you in

Yes, I promise

That I’ll watch the blush with you

Of sunrise and sunsets

As your fire fuels my flame

Yes, I must

Breathe the crisp fresh fragrance

Of your mountains and forests

As I lie down with you

Yes, I know

All your cracks and fault lines

Still I see the beauty in you

Yes, I love you all the same

Looking into the distance…

we stare into the interminable distance

wishing we could divine its existence

what waits for us on the other side–

is it a land filled with unequivocal promise

or will we remain in Nostalgia’s guileless grasp,

longing for  diamond memories of the past?

will we ever see the rise of the golden sun,

will he who stands beside us still be the one?

the wind is a temptress with liquid eyes

when she breezes or dampens our dreams

the light you once knew– may now play its trick.

in this age without prophets, how shall we know

save to feel the warmth of our heart’s afterglow?

look for signs in the eyes of another’s to show

before we reach to the sky, let’s ask ourselves why–

what is that purpose that will drive our reason?

let this be the guide to hold true  in the season.

but in  this minute, this hour, this moment–

treasure it unconditionally, let’s try not to lose it!

 It still stands waiting for us…

Shall we…?

What shall we be

if not each other’s keeper

when night becomes the grim-reaper

What shall we do

if we can’t salt the earth

and our flint can’t  fire give  birth

What shall we say

of he who had vision but could not see

she who had time but was never free

What shall we offer

to a child who cries for his  mother

when his hunger fuels hate for another

What will we find

when we peer to  depths of our soul

will it be  a mound or a big gaping hole

What shall I tell you

my dear friend – that your heart is on the mend

if we take hands  and give shoulders to lend

Seize this moment to choose a side

will you stand up or seek a place to hide?

Rising…above the flaws

The flaws of humanity–

shredded and torn

tied and knotted

then stitched together

again and again

The flaws of humanity–

stripped and folded

bundled and bartered

then dealing the currency

again and again

The flaws of humanity–

belong to each of us

blood-curdled hands

in marching or folded arms

again and again

Yet still we rise above–

some seek a higher purpose

kissing our blemishes

our bruises and flaws

again and again