Dressed in dark suits

All of them wearing dark shades,

Their obligation

Complete for the day.

It was a great funeral

Lots of people there.

Some came to greet you

Gave you a pat on the back,

For a job well done.

Did they understand

The pain you were going through?

Did they even care

What  the cause of her death was?

How long she’d been ill?

And what about you?

Did they truly understand

Your well crafted speech?

You spoke of your loss

The void, utter loneliness,

Of your love dying.

You cried out for help

But they did not hear.

Then they were all gone.

I felt your pain…I knew…

31 thoughts on “Condolences

  1. Yes, I can understand this. Very often, these are ritualistic formalities that people go through without really “caring” enough for the bereaved.

    As an aside, we wear white to funerals as a tradition.

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    1. As an aside, I’ll have to do one with white suits then πŸ™‚ I didn’t know that. It is interesting how different cultures deal with funerals. There was one yesterday where there were more colleagues than family. Our African funerals on the other hand are much more of a do in terms of dress up, money spent, offending people if you don’t go etc. But in the end, life moves on until the next… Have a great day πŸ˜€

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    1. It is isn’t it. In fact there are a number of rituals that I find fascinating – the importance of “dancing” and how it is used in different cultures for different purposes. I studied Anthropology once and immersed myself in one of our cultural groups as a young student – a very rich experience.

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    1. It was indeed. Now that I think of it, a death had just occurred and we had to participate in some of the rituals -not all so easy if you came from another cultural group. Anyway great chatting Ron.

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      1. I missed this one somehow! Geez! I’m sorry!

        Anyway, what a deep and truth filled poem about a morbid topic.

        That said, I find these things fascinating.

        Speaking of funeral customs, In the States, there are some funeral homes that specialize in novelty funerals. They also have casket making companies that will create custom made caskets for the deceased. The strangest one I ever saw was for this black gangster in 1970’s Chicago whose funeral included him sitting in a casket fashioned like a Cadillac Seville with a ton of money in his hand. He was wearing shades. I’ll bet if you google it, you could find it. I saw it in an old JET magazine.

        Anyway, very interesting conversation happening here!

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      2. Yep, it sounds like there are extremes in dealing with old traditions. It is a morbid topic but one we must be ready to face at any time – scary thought huh! More people are going for cremation these says. I haven’t made up my mind. I romanticise about having my ashes tossed into the ocean. I guess I should make up my mind sooner than later πŸ˜€

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      3. I know. I actually think about the topic more than I would like to because I can be a bit of a worrier.
        Yeah, more and more people are cremated. I’ve thought about that too.
        But if I did, I think I’d like to be taken to a wintry place because I was born in that season.
        Ok on to happy things ! Again, can’t wait to read your poem on rising above πŸ˜‰

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      4. Jan 14. You know it’s easy to forget that we ‘re in different hemispheres.
        That whole thing tripped me out when I was younger. Back then I read that cyclones and things that naturally swirl go counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. I wonder if that’s true. Either way it’s very interesting to think that it’s so.

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      5. That’s Capricorn – the cousin I was talking about shares her birthday with two of her sisters on the 12 Jan, one year after each other. Not sure how the parents pulled that off:-) Now I, dear Lady G share a birthday with Prince William on the 21 June and I happened to be standing next to him at a function when they were wishing him. I promptly turned to him and wished him, letting him know that while he would be enjoying a Summer Solstice birthday, I would be enjoying a Winter Solstice birthday. I think his security freaked out. Guess that was my piece a high drama girl!

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      6. And GIRL that’s some really HIGH drama….Yaassss!
        I love that!
        Yet another Chevvy thing to do! Who else could pull that off?

        BTW, my youngest is 12 Jan and so was my oldest’s dad! Synchronicity huh???

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      7. Synchronicity all the way girlfriend! and just back to the HIGH drama – As I was saying, yesterday, coming from my humble beginnings, I always wanted to get the helicopter view of life at the top of that tree. Well, there was an important dude visiting our company one time and they didn’t know what to do with him over the weekend. I volunteered to make a plan with some people I knew in my home city and what do you know? They organised a helicopter tour of the city and I got to ride with him. So now I can add to to my Resume that I literally have a helicopter view. So maybe, I just have a different experience of HIGH drama girlfriend!

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      8. That’s exactly it. There are many choices I’ve made to do things that others wouldn’t do that in the end gave me opportunities (not breaking da law things) I wouldn’t have realised otherwise

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  2. Interesting. How people can show up, do and say what is expected without ever really understanding? The last line, the little voice at the end, must be someone who has lived through a similar tragedy, one who sees what the rest are unable to. In our family, sadly, we have better turnout at funerals than weddings or reunions or any other event. πŸ™‚

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    1. That’s interesting that more people go to funerals than weddings. I know that for many people in our country, funerals are social occasions – an opportunity for families to catch up with old and new family members. I don’t like attending funerals myself though and wish I could have a Wake to celebrate my life.

      I had a friend once who pre-empted her funeral. I think she knew that she was on her way out and threw a great ball party on her 39th birthday and got to hear all our eulogies.
      Thank you for visit Joan:-)

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  3. I don’t really like funerals-but I think funerals are needed for those who are alive. Funerals can be sad, but they really should be celebrations of life. That’s what those who go to these “somber” occasions need to remember-to lift up the family of the bereaved. At least, that’s my two-cent take on them.

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  4. Anybody remember the recurring female character on; Good Times, Sanford and Son, and I think a couple other of Norman Lear`s creations, who loved going to funerals of people, known or unknown, and cry. Funny memory πŸ™‚

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      1. You know we only got television in 78 and as I recall, one of the first comedies we watched was Sanford and son – T.Wayne is the alternative Mr Google. ha!ha!

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