Bound by your love

When I fear being lost

I know that you will find me

A tracker, navigator and compass

To my troubled, wavering soul

Seek and I shall find – you said

And there you were, waiting

With words of warming comfort

Ready to be my guiding ranger

You offered me a rock

On which to build my home

So here I am, receiving shelter

From the ceaseless raging storm

You promised me eternal Sun

To nurture my inner strength

I’ve found a shoulder to lean on

You rise each day, to give me hope

Most of all you’ve followed me

Through lofty mountains and

The turbulence of turning tides

Through it all, I’ve seen your smile

Now I know, I’d do it all over again

Just to be one with you…

Going within

A room full of pearls

The wisdom of many years

A mountain of gifts

A snug cosy chair

With warm words cuddling the air

Comfort waiting there

My vision impaired

I stumbled and did not see

Love waiting for me

The sun streamed in

Lighting up a splendid display

Gratitude’s delight

Another step further

Into a dark sacred room

You welcomed me in

Then my tears flowed

When you opened your arms

And consoled me

Then I heard your voice:

Always go within

To figure it out

I am always here

Whenever you are in need

Just remember this–

I send you little miracles everyday!